Sunday, January 24, 2010

Muse's Musical - Magical Me

there's nobody quite like me
And yet
people still like me
want to know me
find me worthwhile
all the while

there's nobody made like me
I'm one in a Billion
lost in the shuffle
You think I give an iota?
Just quoting data
lost in a sea of people
how to differentiate
not how to discriminate!
how to individuate the soul
to make it more and more
greater than the whole
the sum of it's parts
still that one part in a billion
has a role to play today
and a reason for being
in the moment thinking of tomorrow
given that I'm carrying home
a special package of soul
all dolled up and no where to go
unless that place never goes away
i think I am home to stay

others talents outshine my little light
as I ought to bow down and lift up their star
higher than I'd ever get on my own
please look down on me and remember
I'm never feeling inferior to the fact
i've got not a lot
but more than what I want
empty as a can
kicked down the busy road
vacant as a vessel
waiting for bon voyage
my ship of fools has come in

remind me to fill up on love
before the journey's begun
that's all there is now
much more than a heck of a lot to give
or a peck of whatnot
I'm satisfied with being
all I can be
it doesnt take a shiny penny
to know that love will find its way
back home one day
"there's so much love to give"
never enough when there are
so many parts trying to make whole

Indifferent though I may be
to the fact my inferior interior rattles and shakes now
mumbling I carry on
oh well
not what I had ordered
way back when
at the hearth restaurant
life dishes out more
than I can consume in a day
when perfections' excesses
lead to excuses for not being
in the game
I'm really not good enough
for those crumbs
i think i'll eat them anyway

My Muse allows
only completeness of purpose
excuses begone
foraging forward into the future
knowing the end from the beginning
The Muse sings songs unheard by other ears
how I like to hear music of the spheres
followed by deep personal meaning
i can share with you

jj 24 01 10

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