Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forget About it: Take A Chill Pill

money exchanged
passing over pearls
that were not good

for you see
as you see me
i see you
all hunks and jokes aside
you look pretty good
to me

if you see me
from a place
i havent been to yet
it is not for me to judge
how you see me
or how i see you
when you know that I
would rather see you now
when at first it was
the other way around

So how does this make sense
when you love someone
it is really nonsense?
as if I were a nun
all alone in some cloistered hole
a lonely hutch waiting for a catch
when i shouldnt have
catched and released so soon
(you can tell i watch too many Fishing Shows)

Today we stand by tomorrow
like sentinels waiting for never
locked in and loaded
(mostly loaded now)
we drift apart as ships in the night
that never reached the mid-point
Midway hails
flare guns burst
21 gun salute
Wher' ya bin
all glory now
never gets old
how the heck
did you play crap
on the deck

we can be serious now
what made you want to date me
from an old photograph
virgin ship set sail
not for sale
but for love
all's well
when the tail's still intact
tacking the wind set sail
clipper ships
just for a whale of a time
when the salty brin
made me clip my hair?

Why'd ya fall out of love with me
was it something i said or did
or something behind the scene
the backstory
ill never know
but to guess
i guess
for a moment to ponder
the reason why
looked so much better

wish i had had that many options
to put my placement card there
hoping that i'd luck into
something akin to hunkadelic
with a touch of cash
to splather around
to make a splash
and come up
smelling like a daisy

forget me if you will
forget me not if you can
if you cant you will
they gave you a pill
and now you're just like me

jj 21 01 10

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