Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Boomer or Bust?

Just hit midway point. Dismal posting. Yes the half-century club. What I have noticed is that the "Over Fifty Club" definitely needs more perks. LOTS of perks! When I hit 50 I should have been given as a present; a regenesis trip to Nirvana by Biolog. A state-of-the-art, and maybe(?) state-ordered imbibing of a technical version of an extreme makeover. Leaving the state of Nirvana near Oasis (take Route 66) and given a Doc Brown regenesis; complete physical/mental/spirtual overhaul. "Ahhhhh" breath.
Come on, you've got to admit, the technology is probably there already. There is regenesis now. We have stem-cell research. You just know if knowledge of regenesis has come down the pike this far, it has been at the beginning of the pike We have the technical abilities; not technically we, I should say 'the powers that be" or knowledge to make an old person young again; why are we not giving all over 50's this remedy?
Well, it must have to do with some kind of non-disclosure of technical applications which are not available to all? Why are these new technologies not available? Could it be the ethics committee or the Bildenburg group cannot determine whether or not humanity should live past...whatever?
Is this a similar scenario like the movie (with Michael York) "Logan's Run" where people are only allowed to live til, what, 30 or something? Well, this could also be the result of the world population being, what 6 billion (yes I have to say what before any factual statement due to the "Raccoon/Maine Coon Cat" blog contraversy i.e., fiasco.(Please see all Maine Coon cat blogs on this site).
Yes, it is a nightmare future scenario if we let techonology get the better of us or let nature get the better of us. Both ways if we don't "counter-balance" or "balance" elements etc, whatever, we are really looking at somehing akin to Edgar G. Robinson's film "Soylent Green" (7 on the 'Rotten Tomato' meter, which means it was rather weak, rather, rank a review).
Believe it or not, I can remember reading this book in Grade Seven, and watching all kinds of spooky and freaky nightmare scenario movies like "Farenheit 451" and listening to a rebroadcast of rosebud actor "War of the Worlds". I would remember by now the actor's name, Orson Welles! Finally the snapses kick in. It wasnt always this way!
There is probably a reason why a lot more people are getting memory lapses a lot earlier and a lot more severe. Is there a cure? What? No cure? Not sure if this is true or not.
If we are finding a HUGE spike in MEMORY LAPSE or early or late onset ALTZHEIMERS maybe there is a reason for this. We must look at the ENVIRONMENT to see if there is an imbalance there, eg pollution, chemicals, radiation, etc, AND FIX THE PROBLEM.
If there is a new regenesis program, let's release the hounds now. It is better this than forgetting if we need memory or be able to find cures later. What if this PANDEMIC of memory lapse is effecting EVERYONE. The only thing left is to reboot via regenesis the brain and thus the memory banks to find cures, to find new discoveries, etc. WARNING; IT may be too late...but do not ever give up hope..until the fat lady sings (weight challenged lady which is me so I can say this).
So maybe fat is the problem. Let's get the Mayo clinic to work on this (maybe the Mayo already is doing this).
Either way, it can do no harm to look into these new and maybe alternative medicines and theories to find a way around our PANDEMIC DILEMA OF MEMORY LOSS. So what to do? Let's look at the regenesis program (if there is in fact such a thing?)
We have all heard about ANTI-AGING MEDICINE. There are certain things to eat in order to maintain and improve the memory. There are some foods to AVOID at all costs. Let's look at these.
Gingko Biloba..thins the blood so thins the fat in the blood to create synapses to fire without having fat (insulation) to slog up the brain performance.
Curries and Tumeric: This is great, anticancer spice. Tumeric cures some cancer; this has been recently proven. Definitely taking this spicy cure, 1/2 teaspoon twice a day.
Antioxidants: Blueberries, bright colour fruit, green tea
Do Not Eat Meat: or VERY little meat according to Dr. Gabe (a retired sports medicine dr and radio host).Eat 5 servings each of fruits and vegtables (best is the deep colour vegs and fruit). Please go to This site is highly recommended by me. In fact I found some new info on mirkin's site and printed it our and took this printout to my doctor who used the information and healed my son of a condition. The cures are out there: you just have to do your research; and have faith, please! Never lose hope!
So there is hope that a person can discover cures for what ails them, especially when nothing has been working, and all modalities are proving not to have the results required, e.g. any health related cures. It takes time, but these new finds once brough forth, can and do create cures. We know in our heart that it is not true when someone says "nothing can be done". There is plenty to be done, some people just do not have the patience or talent to take on the problem of solving the problem. Not everyone can divest the time to find the necessary cures; it is mind-boggling an asignment, but not beyond what we, as a global group of researchers can and will do, if there is a will there is a way. A way to a cure for whatever ails us all. Amen to this!
By allowing the healing principal to continue into the future we must reorganize our way of thinking, and our ways of doing things. We must open up to new ideas. They are coming in fast and hard and old school people like myself cannot keep up with the speed and the amount of new technology. This is good, we must embrace the new, as this keeps us young. That and wearing your teenagers clothes! Well, not really, as I think classic rather than fashion is more becoming on an older person. We have all seen the people who try beyond hope to hold onto the belief that they are still 21 at 50 plus. I am one of these poor unfortunate souls. "But my soul is young, I still feel 21 inside my old body" but really, I am so glad for the wisdom and I am learning to embrace my wrinkles and gray hair, but you know, I still buy hair dye? Who am I kidding? Why cant I just die naturally as I see before me, as I am on the mountain, reached the pinnacle (not yet!) I see the open six foot hole at the bottom of the slide down the other side of life (love Gordon Lightfoot's song The Otherside of Life that and the Moody Blues)
Yes, my belief is that the body was made for, and designed for complete healing. I believe by nature or nuture we were made to find out how to reclaim or regain or discover our dna/rna's regenesis. Whether or not we may have had this ability all along to find our regenesis' function is speculative. We need to speculate more, and we need more people besides the think tank (who may or may not be effected by MEMORY LAPSE)to start speculating, to widen the field we will need for our continued SURVIVAL as a species (is that all we are?).
Working together in this way is much better than doing nothing. I remember Dr. Suzuki (was it Dr. Suzuki) asking me if I would join a combined Artists/Scientists thinktank (or something like that) in an earlier regeneration. I think this was during the time I was going to university. This was a telephone solicitation. Well I lived in London and also recall Paul Haggis (yes the director) driving around town and believed when I was a teen two women said I would make a model and handed me a number on the street. Not sure if this was Vicki Sandens School of Modelling and Charm, but I think it was, it may have been a talent scout. Unfortunately when you are headed for the nunnery, these offers go unheeded somewhat. But I really did want to help the universe in some capacity, can I still? Must it be all downhill? Really?
This generation of people are not functioning the way we were made; why not? What has happened to our environment to our rna/dna that has made this horrible PANDEMIC OF MEMORY loss?
Red/Green Algae is loaded with all the RNA one needs to kick-start the beginning; building blocks of life. To regenesis in this way, from the ground up and natually would be a lot more than "really nice". In fact if we could "boot" this concept like we did stem cell research we would all be much richer for the trying, no harm in trying. Or is there? Should I call the ethics doctors now? Not that I have not been in contact with some really interesting people now and in the past, I have definitely known some fascinating people and for this I am truly thankful. There is so much more to do, and we need to use all our resources now, not yesterday, but this may help to, being yesterday's child.
Realize this;. stem cells are mother cells that allow the body to regenerate from the first cell to the 10th billion cell. Maybe we will be able to stop or slow down cell division which speeds up our mitochondria and ages us faster.
Maybe the environment is allowing for this speed up or maybe it is from radiation from the deep reaches of space. Maybe we cannot cure this speed up, maybe we can. At least we should be working on it. We werent meant for bigger things. And bigger thinking. If we can move mountains we can certainly move planets? Or at least use a cattle scoop to stop the next asteroid with our name on it. Can we stop the inevitable? Should we try to "rage rage against the dying of the light" Dylan Thomas (I think? you know my knowledge from 30 years ago is diminishing, thus the need to reboot with you; nothing personal. And forget sex, over 50 are you kidding? Well at least it is spiritual sex. Since our brains are trained to adore youth, how can you get turned on by what? wrinkles? Seriously, you can, they are "good, two more holes". Joke. Something for the morale (there is still such a thing?)
Well, as I say, as you age you loose it. But you are actually gaining. What? Wisdom. Yes, you are wise. You have gone through the gamut and came out the otherside and ganeme. Or some other unknown biologic function. Maybe we are gathering star dust to be used later in another reincarnation. Let's hope so. Being a star now has new implications and gives everyone the opportunity to be "a star". Yes, a star is born.
So we see the fin de siecle in front of us. The "end of cycle" or 2012. We see the decomposition of all life. The end of the energy cycle. Do we still have time to reclaim our energy. Will Grape Seed Oil's co enzyme Q10 help us to regain some long lost territory in the memory banks? There's no harm in trying! Believe it! There is truth in this; say it, claim it own it. We are what we think. We are what we eat. We are what we project. Power of mind is infinite. What if we start loosing that battle of the mind against nature, etc? What will be left for us? How do we maintain and regain our long lost memories (and for me the short term ones). We need to eat the good food and get rid of the garbage. Perhaps chelation therapy either by machine or diet would help. Get rid of the heavy metal poisoning in our bodies. Get the body to become more alkaline, rather than acidosis. I have noted how I am drawn to eat food that isnt good for me. I have to be detoxed and I must remember to stay in this healthy eating even during high holidays of junk ffod. How? I am weak. But I must be strong or all my faculties will collapse. I am not able to slough off the junk that I am putting into my body. This goes for food of the psychologic kind too. Worries, stresses, etc are not good for the health of the mind. When my emotions are too busy fighting off stresses of the day, I need to find a philosophy that says "let go let live". There is not point to let anything "out there" effect my temple base. Why let crap hit the fan? Isnt it better to bury it in the backyard? I think it is?
Regenesis stem cell research. How we wait for this day when we can regrow anything. Is there anyone out there who I could use their base cell, are their genetically almost perfect peeps? Where are they? Do they say, here I am never going to be sick never going to die? No. We can use our own regeneis and "tweek" our weak genetic areas for a more unique renewed you experience. Who wants to have a clone from a barbie doll or ken doll? This would be another nightmare B movie scenario. However, if I could stay "Jane" and be a more perfected version of "Jane" this I could definitely go for...and I guess unless I get hit by a bus or whatever, I could stay 21 biologically forever? Are you ready for this? If I could keep the wisdom and stay 21 forever, (unless flattened by a bus) this I could do, yes I could do this! :)

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  1. Hallo...I just recalled (yes I can still recall, so far...)on the DR. OZ show about...using lavender and mineral oil (to what proportions not sure) to help an ear-ache in progress. If I had only known this then...but yes I will try this thank you Dr. Oz. (is this REALLY his name?)...hmmmmoh yes, and about PASSIONFLOWER tincture under the tongue as a mood stabilizer. Hey I sure could use a mood stabilizer especially after the anonymous slights I have been getting lately. Anyway, I love Dr. Oz and the Doctors, so far, the visuals are great too, and really if I had these easy to understand diagrams about everything, I would have been a dr long ago)...half the battle of learning is in the sorting of good from bad info. We need these new systems of learning because we all know we sure need the entire public to be educated, and educated well, not just 3%. Someday, those numbers are going to sound odd (oh my gosh I pulled a Bruce Hamilton!)