Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fortune 500...Fortunate Few

Obnoxious power hungry rulers
3 percent solution
witholding power from masses
of masses
despot iron-fisted wielders
welding links of pure gold
watch hawks
time stealers
stealthily declaring
pluribus unum
silk purse
from pigs ears
fodder land
pulling redress strings
making contact
with all that is corruptible flesh
in a flash- gone
in a minute - decaying
in an hour - half decay/half gone
no shelf life
constant shoving of get thee gone
spoken out
in subdued tones
whilst under the table
unknown plans
waiting now
lurking then
pouncing soon
attack comes to kill zone
all they know
where emotions delude them
love is unknown in unknown lands
always magnetized to a strong polarity
that one day
will break in two
like a dead twig
so sharing is not in their vocabulary
words don't mean a thing without feeling
this is a numbers game
you are
you are
just a number
and your time has run out

for the iron fisted welders
of things new and old
not to be done
as wine use to flow freely
now has dried up
finding cracks in all that is
not just what we think there is
and try to hold onto
when we don't know any better
but through the skin of our teeth
gum it
tough it out
learn to put up with
the unknown
that is killing us


21 01 10

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