Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank-you Creator

Thank-you Creator for seeing through me
for seeing me through
for being
my secret Santa
that held my glue
when failing and falling
You became
for me
to me
of me
my separate reality
created and recreated
beginning again
a new world
a new way
to see the new
in me

Thank-you Creator for recreating
these renewed energies
that only come from You...
Set my path again
invigorate my will to live
forever with You

Thank-you Creator for seeing me there
where I want to be
who I want to be
what I want to be
taking me from
hellish places
in my mind
in my body
in my soul
but never in Your Spirit
exists these zones
of incompleteness
feelings of loneliness
without You home

These places
that have no faces
no remembrance of time
need your Loving Light molecule
with Beauty
knowing no bounds
that makes all
part of being
with You

Thank-you for knowing
in my rants and rages
my calling out in anger
raging against
the dying of Your light
you understood my anger
and allowed me to be
closer to You

There to find a more refined light
defined energies rare
full and complete
as in the beginning
at the end of the tunnel
my heart is the same
full of love for you
never knowing how
never knowing what
never knowing
your face
would kill me
knowing your face now
I am glad you came
when I called
Why cant our energies
co-exist now?
Powerful these rare forms

Thank-you Creator for being
my heart
my mind
my body
Giving me an assemblage here
as I am growing
more heart to give you
so I may be part
never parted
from You - Dearest Creator
of All that is
All that has been
All that is to become

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  1. Sometimes we go through very rough times. Sometimes feeling as though we are living in a hellish place. Recently this Epithany Jan 6 2010 my dog who had lymphoma passed away in my arms. He lived 8 years. There was nothing I could do to stop the inevitable, and it was difficult watching as he tried to breathe. After three nights of not sleeping he wanted to go outside to do his business. He was so weak he couldnt walk up the steps and when he finally made it into the livingroom he collapsed on the very spot where my children had put a few blankets on the floor for him. As his energy returned to the Creator. First his heart gave out and he threw his head back. His eyes now dim and soul empty. As the doggy angels came to collect his soul from this surly earth to mount to heavenly places. Now his soul has commuted to the place of peace that passes all understanding. Bear's long-deserved rest. RIP Bear 06 01 2010