Sunday, January 3, 2010

Too Cold For Hades

Windswept the ball of snow
flying like a white bird
animatingly so

as snow blows all around
long fingered drifts
cross my path
making me lost
as i sputter in the gutter
i should have stayed home
as ice builds up underneath
frozen water
wants to stop us too
in these whiteout killing fields
death has a grip
we get grip
and like flus from hell
we expell
or expire
on the highway to heaven or hell
who knows when
when the time is up
each cold day
reminds me of never
ever after
the day after tomorrow
will never come
when you wait
on fear
to serve
your fretfull life
shaky as the leaf
these energies
know how
as to nature
we all must bow
one last bow
the final curtain call
as each day
each bitter cold day
i recall
the frozen hell
every day in the worst of winter
I fear the worst
expecting those long fickled fingers
to grasp my frozen flesh
and bitingly sting
reminding me
as I sit by the fire
and wait with bat-like breath
that frozen hellish swamp thing
come get me
one day for good
you'll be the fool
to burn in hell
bitter cold
-726 degrees celcius

jj 03 01 2012

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