Saturday, January 30, 2010

Salvador Dali's painting Apparition d'un Visage et d'un Composter sur un Plage

Far flung earth fom these her hills gone done things
far flung from shore to shore and yesterday's far shore
like this living world of hours
in a salvador Dali painting
Bent and distorted
never knowing golden
truth or untruth
real or unrel
concealed occult like congealed vine
maybe make disappear
Just the fine decaying forms
structures decomposition motion continual action
filled in fufillment in hallowed halls
full of holes unknown
now unseen you think not
still there as still life decays
earth in ways
scrabble, scribblings and ramblings
mumblings, rantings against nothings
reblogs for beginners
helpless hapless hobos
no knows potato eaters
all caught on a train
in the rain to spain
where I met salvador Dali
fathom that deep
swallow that whole
all these scenes
a tail told
ants lick to cheapen the threill
yell at the Univers
yellowed and mellow now
older than never
rebounding with echoes of nothing
hounded by hauntings of hound dog
"the dog looks dead"
he is the structure, the gulue that holds
sticks to others
like ants on hands
boucing off shrivelled squirrels
are they raccoons
and banana peeled away left to rot on
a Danish tableaux
is this for lunch?
on the linen tableclothe
a very thin veneer for vermeer
a veil that tells
all is a mystery

so this salivating dead dog
Galen's face cup
smiling like the knorss boy
come hither you slitering snake that I like
something is smelling rotten
eye sockets sink deep and pop out
and everywhere
moldy old decay
ants again finding there way
with me
in there where I look and live for awhile
a nightmare utopian world or
a heaven in hell?
as new skin is borne in new wineskins
long limbed sax player
modelled from the model
children beg asking for more
pennies never scent
heaven wont open up
rot seems to last as forever as not
as hound dog sniffs a new moon, blue as sky
opposite side of canvas
all forms remerge
as merging writers and artists
long gone
submerged under water or clayish moldy forms
long dead now
simulating some form of life
in the mudy paint that earth likes
pears like the 12 apostles and jesus too
as the last supper is mimiced in a grail cup
holding Dali's wife Galen
a religious retreat
for the senses
elusive illusion?
the veil test, the vase test
is it half-full or half-empty
who the hell cares except the dog
who won't bark
silken cord left so on the plateaux
with silk-like snake ropes
teasingly mocking frustraatingly taunting
Salvador's salivating
ded dog with corrupting flesh
the only way to new worlds
is what is inbetween

jj 0 01 10

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