Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crystaline Dreams
Shadows on the wall
Captured fleeting memories
time would tell

synapse ready
exacting toll house cookies
sense sorry overload
what for
senses react to a stimuli
like sight or sound
they are recorded
and stored away
ready on day
for what?

all this sensory data
being played over and over
building something
with these dreams
of now and yesterday
tomorrow a glimpse
of what was projected
on a distant horizon
the drive-in
the screen sreams for icecream
and memories of pj's in
and smells of new mown hay
how i miss summer
but can recollect her
in winter
when the fun is put away
as each sense
like a hair follicle erectus
is this the state of future fear
to satiate

time honoured horrors of war
pot full of misery
how to use S.O.S.
to scrub off the burnt on
caked on
stuck on
replay of sameness
never ending rut
of the broken record
Winston's funeral
replayed over n over
his finest hour
wasnt his last
why make mine
a projection screen
of some future glory
when all around me
the real glory found in the gory world
i want to disappear
not me
the gory world
i will stay if I can get this
swamp thing
off my back
this abalbatross
all the worst
for all the best
a great exchange program
to believe in
and if not
the 'thing that grips us with fear"
should never ever disappear
like a bad nightmare
it shall depart
into a puff of nothing
no I am not going there
with the thing
following it to heck
didnt Jesus descend to hell
what for
to say "it was there"
or to say
"Jesus was here"
as a brief reminder
to the hellbent
before they dive further
into the cavernous fiery
of Abendago
how long a go Abendago?
How many ages past
is it now?

jj 03 01 2010

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