Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conjecture, Speculation and Prophesy

Today we are on a threshold of a dream. A new beginning of understanding the unanswered questions answered at last. If you believe we must be ignorant all our lives of the facts that cloud our perspective of the truth...leave now! Don't involve yourself here. And close the door on your way out!

Today I had thought I should hide my ideas, concepts, conjectures, speculations and prophesy. And I am not, to my knowledge a hopi. Just hoping for something to fill in the too many blanks we have after the flood when all true knowledge was lost along with our magic.

We must have had more powers than 3 percent. We must have been able to do astounding things, unknown now. As something, or some force may have broken our once perfectly spheriod dna, broke it in two (or many more parts that lack cohesiveness).

We were never suppose to live like this! Never were we suppose to experience pain. God is love after all. God would never make us suffer, being that we are his children. So maybe God got lost in another dimension, or may He or She is too much power for us, that His or Her presence may kill us with His or Her (or both or more than) consuming fire as God is described in the Bible as "a consuming fire". That any many other transformation, transfiguration and shape-shifting. Wasn't God also a burning bush on the top of Mose's special mountain called (Bible students you should know this name).

So all in all, it has occurred to me that there may be things we just dont understand because they may have changed slightly from time immemorial (at the beginning) been altered through some calamity or by nature getting too long in the gums (how many dimensions are there, really). If this is true, if our Universe is colliding upon itself (as is evident in some factual Mariner data)collapsing. Maybe we have run out of the Universe's "energy cycle" and we are headed for a reboot of sorts?

Thinking about the earth for a moment; the way it is constructed similar to the sun. The sun being a plasma ball in the sky. The earth having a plasma ring around it called Kuipers Belt. This plasma shield could be our earths Nuclear core third shell, an orbit of sorts similar to the nuclear model or nucleus/proton/neutron. The moon similiarily came from our earth, popped out, was born from the earth's core. This would make sense when you wonder where the heck the moons magnetic gravity around the earth.

The sun too, shares with the earth similarities in construction. If the sun, and the earth are nuclear models, the earth is a nuclear bomb like the sun, a fiery furnace than it makes sense that our crust is just cooled matter from our plasma core. How unusual is it to think another moon may be forming right now under Haiti? Waiting to be expelled into space like our moon had been billions of eons ago. How long? Do we really know? How much faith can we put in Carbon 14, when Carbon 14 only can be traced back so many millions of years when the earth began, when in fact, the earth was old at that time when the crust started forming by the coolant of space. Will the sun one day have a crust upon her? Already the sunspots look to be some sort of crust in a way. Is this how the earth's plasma ball began to cool?

Also, Jupiter and Saturn! It is amazing to see the new map of the solar system. How much the same Jupiter and Saturn, almost exactly the same size. I was told with the old school evidence from telescopes (how off were they then?)that Jupiter was FAR LARGER than Saturn. However, now it appears to be the other way around. I can also see with the new map of the solar system that earth and venus also appear to be the same size. Was Mars and the once planet asteroid belt also the same size. Did Mars collide with the Asteroid belt (once a planet called Dioyosius?) Anyway, could earth also collide with Venus and create another belt. Could Mercury have had a twin planet or star (as once was like the sun) and it dried out over time, getting a crust or not, staying gaseous? Lots to ponder, lots to speculate.

So this is the thing, somethings we may not understand yet.
Our universe is like that; hidden secrets. How many secrets do we have to tell, as maybe man is cooled off flame licks? A mesh between cool and hot, a middle ground, a third grouping. A triade of elements, all stardust held within, who's to say our potential, what we can do, when we are co creators with the creator of the universe?

Food for thought! Enjoy!


  1. i forgot to mention that the "twin planets" eg earth and venus, saturn and jupiter, mars and the once planet turned asteroid belt, may be twins because they were once one unit and broke away. This may mean that any planet, before it split and made two, may have a unique magnetic polarization that attracts and detracts upon the looping ist orbit second orbit (see nuclear model again). So in hindsight, our planets our sun may model the nuclear model. And who is to say that this nuclear model and dna model do not premeate the universe which could expound (get larger) on this format. We could have our galaxies being birthed from a huge nebula not seen in the far distance. As something had to give birth to these galaxies. So on many scales the universe keeps repeating the same nuclear model. This is true as well with the microscopic as it is with the macroscopic; repeating the patterns of the same energy force; the nucleus model; atomic went big! and stayed the same, maybe slightly altered by sheer size, maybe not.

  2. i forgot to mention the sun and the planets, why they are on an elliptical orbit (oh and the new map of the solar system sure looks like these ellipses are not the most "equal" in pattern. They are rather odd or irregular ellipses lately. Old school taught us differently that these ellipses were equilateral. They are not! if we eventually collide with Venus it is because of our connection atommically opposites attract to her. Same with the sun we came out of the sun and by doing so, by that action of the sun giving birth to all the planets, having spewed them from the core of the sun, this created a magnetic opposites attract and repel force. So as we head towards the sun, at the orbit we are nuclear attracted to the sun and speed up due to this magnetic positive attraction. As we head towards her (the sun) we are at a certain range depolarized into the negative detraction phase of our ellipse and we speed mightly like a negative magnet does repel around the outer loop and back again as this pattern repeats for us every 365 day (a year). Phew!! You dont think we have another way of figuring out why we (who are so much smaller than the sun) wouldnt be eaten up by now? or haven fallen into the suns core long ago, if the gravity model of Newtons were all there were to our orbit? Our ellipse is following the nuclear model yet once again! comment notie

  3. promise this is my last comment ps
    the sun has a twin star too, this would also have an effect on the orbits. Either the sun's twin is dormant or Jupiter may serve this purpose, being the twin which went (so far as far as we can tell) dormant. Maybe not dormant but not understood either. As the sun's twin may be Planet X or some other near object or maybe far away as...Orion? no way? really? omg...

  4. did you guess the name of Moses' mountain yet? Answer: Mount Zion (I think?)