Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Soltice's Everlasting Summer of Love

Today is June 21st
Summer Soltice
The beginning of summer

Stonehenge awakens this Julian day to a rain-soaked
parade of onlookers
Water rebirthing and baptizing
the Dead Druids bodies
these burial mounds of earthworks

Return to the dead to the sea
The blue fairies beckon the sun
Capturing the primatic light
On this one day which stands still

The heaven's eternal clock's eye
targets Stonehenge's astrolab formations
Enpowering the future
With secrets discovered

By the time I get to Phoenix
You'll be rising out of bed
Alive and well-fed
Stonehenge Stands Still

The flash of lightening
makes all witnesses skitter
a mad dashery
yellow ponchos left behind
the sands of time
further archeologists
to dig truth
out of the ground

neverending longing
to find
the Eternal Sun

Happy Birthday Paul!

Jane Jones June 21, 2008

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