Thursday, February 19, 2009

Charactrization Workshop

Today you will play a 50 year old woman who is going (went) mad. You will tell all your friends you will be the prototypical menopausal woman without black cohosh. You will find yourself on the otherside of life and have continual flashbacks of the 60's and 70's. You will find your world more real there. You will take up Ikea fashions and books on Interior design from the 70's. You will find refuge in bygone days because today there is unstable electromagnetic flux which disrupts the temporal displacement (thanks Lost) and it is getting stronger. Or something like that. Hey that isnt characterization, that is reality. Ok lets make a less real scenario....

I really think any characterization you would offer me would be easier to do than my own existence in the here and now. Ok let's try a characterization I'd like, a real life scenario for a has-been dried up old prune hag. Lets think glamour for awhile. Ok, you are a ravishing beauty, star material, everyone melts when you enter a room. Or you are a street person, and everyone avoids your gaze. And everything in between. Again, the characterizations get down to a stereotype. What is needed here is some positive icons for a mad woman. A place where the shrivelled up brain can reboot, and can not shrinky dink anymore. (this statement is in response to the unusual Doctors show on tv. It was really contraversial. One guest doctor stated all menopausal women are "mad". There ovaries shrivel up to a peanut and hormones beome toxic, the brain shrinks and dries up. Shocking, and I said to myself "Why don't I shoot myself now?" At the same time I said this out loud, the female regular doctor on Doctors berated the guest male doctor. I said "Yeah, come on woman, fight for our rights" And she did! I was so happy about that! I feel like writing an email to her to say THANKS, Medicine Woman! Thank-god the regular female doctor commented upon the guest doctors mengelian statement and won the argument about no such thing as a "toxic" hormone(s). Man that was the first time I have ever seen a doctor actually uphold human rights. (please read my multi CPSO articles from circa l994 shooting incident). I started a group called ETOWME ETHICAL TREATMENT OF WOMEN EVERYWHERE and basically this group started because of sexist commercials on tv which started to make me feel ill after the subconsious messages kicked into the conscious mind, it was a real kicker. And yes, the commercials in question were pulled. Thank God! More documentation on this upon request. jajo



  2. although it feel like Caulkerization. I think my character is like nonstop flow of life force