Wednesday, February 18, 2009

continued 25 Random Things About Myself and Totally Inappropriate

continued Random Things....5=7/25 page 2....only appropriate material here...hope so!

5. Remember my favourite childhood things, Bugs Bunny (talking) Madame A GoGo (from my sister)telescope (to see the 60's moonshots) blue bike, plaid runners, anything Buster Brown, LEM models, gooey Hippo toy, Little Kiddles, Ken and Skipper (endless poetic rants about THEIR relationship), bubbleheaded barbie (borrowed from m sister)and flocked (get me right) dark hair (MUST be dark hair) Ken doll. Ooopik eskimo doll, Chippewa Mugwump (please dont ask me what this is),BC totem, BC mountain jade, ,Little Kiddles, (yes I still have these mementos, and others...except things I think were too sentimental to the point of creating a lack of breathing space. What is that? We must let go of childish things,the Bible implores us not to be hung up on material things...why? they (the chattels anothe word for shackles...) are very hold ya down..especially...when so therefore, why can't I? I mean, what am I really trying to hold onto? A dream which could never happen the way I had imagined? I really thing I believe in...predetermination. Heck I have absolutely no control (hardly at all) of what happens to me in my life. Why? Hmmm...good question and I am working on it. Maybe some things are unpredictable and unpreventable as I had believed there "are no such things" as accidents...that we determine EVERYTHING...what ever messed with the design then? It sure feels it could of gone a heck of a lot better. But really, I need to focus outside the outer me, the "things" me to the "inner me" ...the world within has more meaning...and are so much more important now...thank goodness. Thanking my childhood for people who gave me a feeling of "I'm ok, You're ok"....Now to learn more the art of philanthrophy...yes, I want to help others more than myself..the martyr syndrome rather than the "me me me"...which makes me so sick! I am big on how to make the world a better place for all now. We hold onto material goods when have not developed the inner world spirit. Materialism is the bane of mankind and I am really trying to work on getting the need and wants separated. Sure I want stuff just like the next person, I am no longer having to feel these "things" are vital to my happiness. I need to retrain the brain for this, it sure isnt a easy struggle. But well worth it; Trade material for spiritualism...yes, yes, YES!!!

6. Random thought...pets...the need for materialism or the need from the hormone oxytocin? Pets have been with us for so long they have survived beside us for millenia. Amazing! My pets are a focus of my energies and I love sharing with them. I know there is specially communication with animals and pets do have souls. They may even possess human soul attributes. I have had 5 dogs and numerous cats. Polly, Jason, Nibbles, Blackie, Bear, Belle, and a huge farm cat pedigree. The farm cats were a handful, and I adopted them once Miss Kitty had adopted me. Two turtles, Rock and Roll and Greenie (Bridgy took a hike from our outdoor pond)...nursed numerous wild animals, a blue eyed raven and artic finch (or sparrow). Had wierd animal experiences, snakes dropping through the ceiling and Bear attacked the milk snake, also had hermit crabs and fish. I love animals and plants and do have more luck with certain species. Polly was a collie and german shepherd mix, she had epilepsy, Jason was a rough collie (i thought scottish collie). We got Polly from a place in the country which oddly enough is near where I lived as a adult (Full Circle?). I love the cottage lifestyle, laid back, animals, farming. Less fuss, more living. I really would love to live in the old cottage we had in the 60's but somebody already lives there. When you find happiness hold onto it. It so quickly can change.

7. Random focus...I have to debate when I think randomly to negate the negative things that happened and focus on the positive. In this way, perhaps I can encourage more positive into my life. Although we do learn much from negative experiences, it isnt a place where I want to live "here and now". So I will focus on the "gold" rather than the "arsenic". I can relate to positive and negative. We grow through negative and I know it is important...but I dont want to bum out anyone who may be reading this. It will be for another day when I can get up to that...I just dont feel strong enough today to deal with all those zeroes in the minus category. It is not where I want my head to be "at". If you get my drift. Here is a random Happy thought! You in my Life...did I make you feel better? Did I produce some feel-good hormone? I hope so! Please come back for more, I really like you as my friend, but if you feel you dont want to be here, for any reason whatsoever, I completely understand. Please be as honest with me as I am with you. Then we are truly sharing friendship!

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