Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good point! We all forget about "brother sun

(sister moon)
who was at one time in history had a pivotal place in our

The sun is no longer a personification but a rather benign

and innate
object d'arte. The sun no longer commands worship of the

Egyptian Rah
sun god or ancient Druids or Mayans chants on this day. If

the wicca
religion worships the sun, and there have been some sun

cults, they
are a minority.
Rod, this tableau piece reminds me of a sparkling summer

day party.
The colours mentioned exactly reflects the digicam colours

of the
sunset last evening. So you do paint with words!

"the glowing blue-silver to dark purple stands ready to


I love the analogy of the sun as a party guest, opting out

of the
continuing party because he had "too much cake". Maybe the

sun goes
to bed early because he is still a baby! Let's hope so!

Many more
sunny soltice days to all! Jane Jones

Yes, Happy Summer Soltice to all the Ladies and Gentry here! The festivities are no doubt continuing on the 21st!
Recently, I have read an archeological article in regards to Stonehenge. Apparently there is new evidence that the Ancient Druids Ode to the Sun was also a burial ground. Otherworldly powers exist as I recount memories from real Druid witches of today. They are located in Wales and have the entire village down to an art form with the prototypical black witches hat.
The mysteries we could learn from these people about the ancient world bewitch you speak. It would certainly give on an appreciation for "eye of newt" and other medica formulitis.
It also amazes me when I think about how universal in our world the consistency of the sun worshipping temples, cairns, etc. What say ye about this? as ever,jajo

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