Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Number 7 of Randomness, Irreverent to Reverends and as usual, totally Inappropriate

7. Did I forget the number seven? Lucky number 7? Black Cat gum! No way! Hey, you know it, you know it, you got it, you got it. Give it to me, give it to me. Before you start beginning to think I am now writing romance novels, well, I am. Just have a hard time doing it. Pardon the pun. Seven truly is the joie de vivre number. Although I am plagued with 8's in my numerological birth pattern, I do know that 7 is heaven and I'd rather have heaven than eternity. No wonder we dont get along, I really am too random for a scientist. Although I do appreciate the random generation of numbers could conceivably be the reboot scientists need to appropriate keen scientific eureka moments. Sure you have had lots of those since I left you. You were an artist still are in your concise precision and you are so gifted. I appreciate that, as I always have. Science is king, and I am queen. Or is it the other way around? Really, what has you life been like since the early 80's? I often wondered. I dont know how "all let go" and "I let go of the one thing that would save me (as if I need saving, although I am told this constantly). Sure I have acceptance, now. In myself. You would appreciate this fine tuning. I am sure it is, and has been, (god i feel like a hasbro hasbeen). Seriously, I'd like to reconnect, but you know I dont know if you'd like that. I may harm you again because I want to smother you in love your cheeks are that fat. No I dont know, what happens when I love to much. It may mean...ok here is Apollo, dont eat him. Let him enjoy his desserts and move on. YOu cant possible hold onto a pocket god or goddess. It isnt possible. Those golden birds that hit your window and are a sign from God really do belong in another reality, maybe not one you can control or own. I guess that's it. I wanted to own you, possess you, keep you forever my pocketman. You know who you are, you are all that, you really are, and were the centre of my Youniverse. As you know. Today, I appreciate my separate divinity and really respect that. Then I merged things too much. Now I see the divisions and try to respect these and give the individual artist space. Space being within and without. Just let's get together sometime soon, I just won't drown you this time! Seven Heaven you were and are, always, amd forever more! jajo

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  1. "If you wanted it you should have put a ring on it" there are rings down there? I should email Beyonce. My goodness. Rings for Things. I dont think I'd like that. Au Naturel, mon petit!