Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random 25 on Feelings and Random "thoughts" which are mainly INAPPROPRIATE 17-19/25

17. Random and wise words from Rachel Ray's grandfather today; "you have two choices; to lsugh or cry; choose laughter and be happy!" I love the joie de vivre of the Italians, and other romance language cultures as they intrinsically know HOW TO LIVE. How we can learn so much from other cultures. My culture is sort of messed up and stuffy considering how other cultures really do have their act together and have gotten the wisdom thing down pat. It would have been nice to know these simple truths early and to be down to earth and to have people to promote "down to earth-ness". It would have been a blessing to me many times over. I think that paranoia, like healthy lifestyles can get generationally passed down as easily as genetic disease. No matter which culture, we can learn from our ancestors. It does take a great deal of effort (and money) to dig up the truth about "from wence we came". It is what we are now which is important, what we were is like the dust. Keep the good, toss the bad, learn that we are lucky to suck the air. Honour the earth. Honour ourselves. Honour our worth as humans. We are all that and a bag of potoato chips!

18. How to help others? Once we have "ourselves down pat" understand our nature, and our place in the world, and are happy and satisfied that we make a difference we can attempt to help others.Helping others is a great gift. It is important as when we help others we help ourselves, as each part is dependent on the other. A visual of this would be the dominos effect. When we all work together great things can happen, almost miraculously so, (I am still really wondering how great feats of mankind are ever rendered...somebody clue me in...there are some really "wierd" processes going on when we all"clik" like we are acting souled amoeba that is...)when we find we have that ability to act SYNCHRONICITICALLY TOGETHER AS ONE ENTITY AND we realize hey, something larger than the some of "our parts" is working order here, that is truly, truly, AMAZING!!!

19. Do you like to watch (that reminds me of an old dirty joke)foreign films (a funnier dirty joke). Yes, I do remember my Foreign Film course. It really was an eye opener! People in other countries do not see the world as we see it in Canada at all, no, not at all the same way! It is so unique to find out the perspective of the film, why it was made in the certain way, the culture which bred the art of film and what message is important to a particular country. Foreign film (with subtitles) is really like watching a National Geographic film, it really does seem "foreign", whatever "foreign" means...does it mean different? How did cultures get to be so different???Oh space and time...that made us foreign to foreigners. It is like looking from behind the looking glass at another dimension, really. It is so odd. We do have universals which stay fairly constant from country to country. But like the words; Idioms, which really translate very oddly and not very well. Does this make sense? "A la queue leuleu" (translates directly to As the wolf's tale" which is an indian-french idiom and does not make a heck of a lot of sense unless you know the culture BEHIND THE WORDS. Another example; C'est vieux comme les rues which translates directly to It is al old as the streets and in English this translates to "It is as old as the hills" which does make a lot more sense. Do you notice how successful communication enriches our culture and allows us a much richer and honest view of another "foreign" culture. Time to work on these idiosynchratic cultural differences and get rid of the word "foreign". Foreign should be a four letter word! How's that for an Idiom!


  1. See my earlier post poem called Shocked Moon Face. It was a way to try to decipher my odd moon dreams and multidimensional flying machines. I think there is something to this multid thing. It is a dream object which really may be a mass hypnosis. Can you see behind the veil? Tell me about it...Will had the same wierd moon happening, it was flat or hollow. I had a dream (I was woken up suddenly) went to the door. The moon was in a wayning phase. The moon had been to the almost set position, and then when I went to let the dog out the moon position changed. Last evening I noted the sun does seem to differ too on Daily Planet CBC. Odd celestial happenings, which defy common sense. As I am finding the logic train is leaving the building and Elvis is waiting in the wings.Maybe Lost is trying to tell us something that is happening, which maybe an easy way to tell the populace about the fold in the galaxy. Wierder and wierder.

  2. The moon can give a feeling of "looming" over a person. I think this "lunacy" may have historic significance. How many have feared the irregularity of the celestial array? If all of a sudden you think you see something and it gives you a feeling like "it is watching you" it probably is. Think of the zillions of spy satelittes. I am glad the Chinese find me fascinating. But can I get paid for it?