Monday, February 23, 2009

Why I Want To Be A Student of Tibetan Buddhism

1. I would like to be a student of Buddhism because I like the spirit of Buddhist, they are peaceful, loving, giving and graceful. Buddhists have meaning and reason in their lives. They live to help others.\

2. I'd like to travel to spiritual sites and be taught by spiritual people.

3. I'd like to learn the various arts that are prevalent in the Buddhist tradition; I'd love to learn esoteric/mysterious truths of the masters.

4. I'd like to conquer life and become a spiritual warrior. I want to live with purpose and meaning and to be of help to people.

5. I'd love to be the real me. Not some carbon copy or some less than who I could be me. I want to know the spirit behind me or within/without me. I want to know who exactly is the sentient being that takes residence within my soul.

6. I'd like to become gifted and produce art with meaning and purpose. I want to appreciate the small things and see beauty in a leaf of grass.

7. I'd like to solve problems that befall the earth. I'd like to get divine help to do this. I want to evoke the essence of being and reconnect with this force forever and enjoy forever now.

8. I'd love to hook up with old friends and beings on the otherside and laugh again!

9. I'd like to do the impossible and find the impossible possible.

10. I'd love to bring out the best in everyone and thing.


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