Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Random Things About Me And Totally Inappropirate

1. Things I love...Truth. Truth being the centre of our Youniverse.Truth is Love. I know and have known and right now at this very moment I am writing this have Love within my core which is, I believe an unmoveable and unshakeable, constant feast for my beast. Love that love is bigger than anything in the Youniverse and is a neverending story for my neverending writing!

2.Thinking of the past a lot lately. Whenever I think of my first retentive memory, I am drawn back to the Popping push toy when I was about 4. I remember before this, but I really dont have many real intact memories before 4. Maybe I didnt connect the memory cell with the visual cell. But I know it is all in there, just needs a reboot by a skilled regressionist. Why am I wanting to connect to my past, when we all know the past is imperfect? Because in my mind, I can change the imperfect to the perfect world which always exists for me. I just put up with the crap...for now!

3. Random to me reminds me of a science field trip to the 60's Toronto (Downsview) Science Centre where I got to see for the first time red lasars and the way nuclear radiation bumped off one another in a "click-click" sound. It got me to thinking and certainly did stimulate my interest in science. If only I were as good in math and not a dumbed down as I wanted to be...NOT!

4. Randomly pursue my interests on the net, and connect again, to things that continue to interest me year after year. Need to connect to others and make a "Circle Tour" of my life reminds me of the time my Great Uncle Lou came to visit our hometown where he had grown up. He would drive around the downtown streets and remember those times as a child. Today I wish more than anything to do this. To reconnect my "child" mind with my "adult" mind and meet in the middle in a place where we can reconnect to self. Would I achieve an ephiphanies? I think so. I keep dreaming about the past, especially the place where I grew up, it always plays so prevalent in my dreams, night after night. Lately I have connected to a recent place, a farm which I am sure is loaded with deja vu feelings. I feel I have lived, in some form, in some other dimension, before. It is freaky when these multiYouniverses combine and the ephiphany (and other NOW HAPPENINGS) WAKE up the CONSCIOUS BRAIN to a NEW WAY OF SEEING.

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