Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Male Brains/Female Brains and Hutterites

Dear Rev Laura: Thank-you for being so candid about your

experience. It is this type of honesty which, I believe,

will be salvation's salve. We have not found out why so

many people are depressed. It is epidemic, and certainly

does need to be examined indepth.
About SAD; isnt that about a lack of hormone production?

When the sun (Vit D) does not stimulate our pituitary gland

at the back of our eyes (where the pituitary exists) we do

not release the needed hormones and/or feel good hormones

called seratonin.
Recently I have learned about the empathic hormone called

oxytocin. This is an amazing bit of trivia, but this female

hormone oxytocin (not to be confused with the pain

killerOxyContin tm. This hormone produces a flood of

"love" feelings (empathy) to overtake women right after the

birth of baby.
This hormone is absent in men (I believe(?). Thus there are

"male" brains and "female" brains. Wow, eh?
I am researching this subject presently as I was unaware of

this important hormone.
Apparently mother rats would rather have their baby rats

(pups) present to nurse rather than a shot of cocaine when

given the choice. This proves that oxytocin may replace

drug abuse with the natural "feel" good hormone oxytocin

which is present in women.
Go to www.tvo.org/theagenda It is all about the brain this

week, very interestingly and contraversial subject matter.


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  1. why ppl are depressed;
    1. hormone imbalances
    2. environmental factors eg poor environment
    3. intrinsic behavioural problems
    i) genetic causals
    ii) learned behaviour; from environmental causals
    iii) combination of genetic/environmental factors
    4. alcohol or drug abuse
    7. SAD or other dietary limitations
    8. life changing or shocking events
    either medically, physically or spiritually
    9. negative outlook on life (easiest to change this condition through operant conditioning)..there you go, hope this helps!