Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Things: 25 All: Not to be confused with Random Thoughts of the Inappropriate and Embarrassing Nature

25 Random Things in my life

1. 3 kids 2m 1 f, 1 hub 1 dog, 1 major 3 minor cats, 2 turtles.

2. rent house/chalet

3. pursuing ideas for ideas sake; solving stubborn problems, inventing things, organizing things, helping people by way of everyday mom sainthood, belief in the impossible as possible

4. belief the system can change with the first effort, networking, meeting. Belief I can and will change for the better

5. my favourite colour is periwinkle

6. my favourite musician of all time is moody blues or chopin or mozart or beatles or elton john or santana.

7. my favourite place is california somewhere (heck it looks beautiful) but I like the muskoka's too, and bc, west coast and east coast and some places in the middle except Ohio which is way too flat for me. I need rolling hills or I get an extreme case of agoraphobia. Visitations. The Day The Earth Stood Still. That sort of thing, parlay? Stop the monkey in the machine. What monkey? Oh the typos are not of my subconscious, but rather Dave from HAL.

8. my favourite day is wednesday I love hump days. (sic). I mean I love Fri's but they all blend now into one big TGIF. You are probably jealous of my lifestyle. I am no longer an indentured servant, but rather a dentured savant. (joke)

9. my favourite food is mashed potatoes. No it isnt. It use to be. Plus as a kid I'd only eat fat. Today I have more refined tastes. King Crab legs, in butter? Red, red wine from Tuscany where I dreamed I had the same honeymoon you did and love has to go along with the food or it just isnt edible. The Edible Man and The Edible Woman was an actual tv program in the 70's. That was WAY ahead of its time!

10. my favourite european place would be England, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain.
I also want to go to Barlow's mystic places and go to all of these places which give off "good vibes". I still feel California would do this for me, however, and I heard (via Barlow's places from Art Bell show years ago)that Mount Shasta is one of those places.

11. my favourite animal is a dog, cat fawn dog. I love the idea of having a pug, or bullbog or westie or chichuahua or pyrennes (belle and sebastian fame) a collie, belgian shepherd, any dog really. I would love them if they loved me. Cats come a close second, but I feel a dog really feels deeply and they will pine to death some dogs like the Irish wolfhound that would make me cry because they only live 7 years. It was bad enough the teddy bear hampster when he croked at 2.

12. favourite historic time; ancient greece, I would like to find a real life marble god who would wait on me and feed me grapes in Crete. Wouldnt you?

13. favourite romantic novel; definitely not Jane Austin. She was so much of a wimp of a writer, she couldnt say honestly "hey, these Edwardian men are treating me like chattel; i hate this way of life" Certainly Austin would not get any magic brownie points from Alice B. Toklias' Gertrude Stein "A rose is a rose is a rose.". I really do love the Frankenstein book by Mary Shelley, and Romantic poetry as well, John Keats in particular.

14. favourite time of day. Not noon I hate noon and must sleep during the epogee. It is keenly insulting to my well being, getting dizzy when I hang laundry at this time of day. I have recently to seista's at noon, do as the Mexicans do, and relax and enjoy my much need nappy poo. Oh ya I forgot to say my favourite time of day is dusk on a summer evening, or early morning when the sunrises. I love the sunrises and sunsets, and get more done in the morning than at night. It makes me a morning person. Yes I love walking on the beach (jogging) in the a.m. It is zen like and wonderful.

13. favourite house design. Chalet style. Viceroy. This has changed. I use to love old farmhouses. I still do love the Victorian as I get along with that style as I was a pact rat. I have found contemporary now, Feng Shui. Clearing the clutter to get on with life seems better. I still am clingy to the past. What's with that?

14. Favourite person in the world that I have known; My Mom and Dad. They are one entity as they always make decisions together which use to really bug me as a kid but which I totally respect now as there is no division of power. Dad and Mom move as a smooth stream and really have been kind even though I'll never get the gap thing down. It is like this; each have the own unique qualities which I totally appreciate. It is been life sustaining, even though I felt somewhat the less preferred black sheep of the family, I guess I deserved it.Spoiled brat baby of the family. Maybe one day I'll get my act together!

15. Favourite person not in the family; Who'd that be? Well I have a lot of angelic friends through the years that helped me. They were honest, kind, funny, sensitive, giving. You know who you are; no need to spruce the goose. You are in my friends book if you really want to know. Thanks, friend! BFF!

16. Favourite boyfriend; maybe I better be careful here. No names as above. If I dont say my current; yikes! I guess I have this dream image life and dream image boyfriend (Ken doll did not help here). I guess my longest boyfriend (no I dont mean that way, but maybe?) who really took the time to put up with me for 4 or 5 years. I guess I should have (in hindsight) tried to get him to love me more. How could I have competed with those younger babes...forget it! I need to feel needed but not needy. Very precarious balance one must learn. To all you out there on 1 1/2 hands; well you were all my favourites in your way. You still mean the world to me and I cherished the time I had with you. If you or me are ever single again, and you have matured; I'll ring ya. (that will be a blue moon, but hey we had a two blue moons in one month this past year).

17. Favourite subject in school. You mean the one I aced without trying or the one I sucked at after giving it my all? Well it would be Visual Arts my favourite, and then I was too darn good in sociology. I love physics but totally sucked and dumbed down by it, and failed Physics three times with Mr. Paterson. Mr. Paterson why did you hate me so?

18. Favourite hobby; biking. Oh I love to bike. Grab the old Fuji and go! Must be a racer. Freedom baby. I loved those days. I love other things too of course, in particular, exercise, when i can find space to do them. I have an elliptical orbitex and I can go a long time on that now if I hold my pee in.

19. Favourite actor. Of all time. In the female category I really love Bette Davis. I really love Marlon Brando. Today's stars dont have much chutzpah, although, Meryl Streep is darn good, and Liam Nelson and Gangdolf the Gray (you know who I mean).

20. Favourite dessert; Chocolate Mouse or creme brule. Although I have never tried creme brule I know I would love it because I love warm Jello butterscotch pudding you make from scratch (stove top method). Reminds me of home, that and lasagna and damn my mom is a good cook, and Mom's chicken soup, never tasted better!

21. Favourite tree; blue spruce tree. I cant believe how well they grow and they are so good for the environment. One grew over our septic tank and it was HUGE. I was hoping I could grow a few zillion redwoods (giant sequoias) here. We need to plant more trees! Birch is nice too.

22. Favourite flower of all time; red rose. Reminds me of my first love. But I do like gerbera daisies. Love daisies. And ferns, boston ferns. Love tall grasses and vegtable gardens, especially grow tomatoes well. Have problems with knowing enough about gardening but am an avid learner and love horticulture. Like to grow things that actually grow well and works with the environment. Like organic farming.

23. Favourite holiday of all time; Christmas with Easter a close second. Love to make these holidays extend into a very long life long holiday.

24. Favourite tv program; Lost. Love Lost. It is so keen. And now I like Miss Dorset. (Just saw it last evening, great British acting and imaginative plot.

25. Favourite Person In My Life: You Are! I mean that! Without you I dont exist, or dont really want to! You are Love! Fantastic, eh?

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  1. Forgot to add: my favourite drink. I usually like organic beer like creemore. Man that beer makes me feel good in a dr. feelgood kind of way. love white wine from loire region near st michel. love a rich burgundy, and would love to go on a Euro wine tour with you or Niagara Elwood's place. Of course, I like champagne and have only ever had one bottle in my life time. Remember when; it was Mum's I think. Love Kahula. I am experimental, looking towards healthy drinking. I try to stay away from drinking too much, as I go wacko when skunked.