Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Randomly Inappropriateness Feelings Usually ARE AKWARD EXCUSEZ13-16/25

13. Good Luck, Bad Luck? Number 13? How do you perceive 13? Until my child was born on a 13th, I must have felt the sentimentality of suspicion and let myself fall for this "glitch". Although there may be something to luck, if a warrior is powerful enough the effect of the numbers game (numerology) is easily displaced by powerful conjuring skills. Luck can be turned around, and can go either way, quickly. Or it can linger like the dolldrums forever damning a person either way. Stagnation with luck isnt really good luck at all. Even if we have everything in this world we need and are given every luxury in material wealth and lucky in love we still, one day, must face our demons. That we will not always have things, people etc and must stand on our own and account for our actions, as we are a huge recorder and the ID NEVER lies. Luck, in my opinion is an option for conjuring, but not an end to itself. We can make things work in our favour, we can negate the beast of unluck once and for all, we can find the numbers that click, but then, eventually numbers run out and we are faced with that neverending ID within the ETERNAL mechanism which really doesnt care much for luck, only Truth and Love. Good Luck!

14. Fantasagoria...make believe worlds. New designs. Making a wholly new world evolve from out of the ashes of a half-life. "Living and Partially living". We are in need to make better our lot here and there (in the soul). We can and do make a difference, but must be active participants in the actualization of the creative process. WE need to feel that what we say, do, think, feel, act, originate, create, be, are, want, need, perpetuate in perpituity will exist. That all we are makes a difference matters and can create from thought process. Thoughts are powerful in that they recreate reality and retell our story and maybe our destiny. WE have to believe we have this effect on our Youniverse. We are able to achieve it because the soul is destined for this. We have the right to make a difference by trying to make a difference, by actively pursuing change for the better. Little things, will add up. Think about what you want the world to be, focus upon it, and it will be. It is that simple. We are what we think. So think good thoughts and make good happen for the betterment of all. I will focus on this prayer, that our future's will be good, beneficial, creative, talented, bright, sunny, green, long, happy, fufilling, beautiful, sharing. We all need this, one to another.

15. Random, random you borrowed my ski mitts randall and did not give them back because you didnt know that I needed them because your family was so rich you didnt understand that those gloves were the only ones I had and I gave them to you. I wanted you to remember me in my need, but you forgot, that's ok. Just change, Randall and remember we cant all have material wealth at our fingertips. Things were not all so easy for me as they were for you. You had the golden light of a halo around you, you were blessed, but you did not bless me. I could certainly use your blessing now, as you know they will come back to you, multifold Youniverse! Randall, darling, don't forget me in my need, give me back my gloves please, so my hands dont freeze in this bitter cold friendship of waiting desire.

16. Feelings are just an excuse for lack of soul communication. If we're into the soul being, our feelings change to places and these places are not spectral light of multihued gems of feeling's colours. They are places of white luminosity and do not have need for colour. The purity of the white light of wisdom is threefold. Spirit, Heart and Soul. We have defined the divinities. They have a reality which may be difficult to maintain, but speak of a unity which defies description in thought, word or feeling. Waiting for that white light to surround me and then I will send it your way, as your power shield. What are friends for?

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