Thursday, July 8, 2010

You're My Everything: A Song

Who Knew I'd have the Blues today? I guess I am so impressed with Bravo's channel expose on the INCREDIBLE French Chanteuse Melody Gardot that I was feeling a little bit romantic and as always characteristically maudlin (ya I am trying to do something about this!). Enjoy my song...Enjoy my soup?:) This song is to be sung in a slow blues fashion as per Melody Gardot (incredible French Chanteusee and Blues Musician ExtraOrdinaire! Chorus You're my everything I never knew hope you'd be too time would tell a thing or two was it true would love last or just fade away and die Was it just a lie not deserved this pain served on a silvered plate Slivers of diamonds shapes floating round the atmosphere water holds the secret dear a roll of the die who's hand out fate like candy drops melt away cast the doubt no matter now the table set hands of time stole my soul my Spirit place A Special Space a girl's own heart Lost not Found once upon a time now ashes grace past dreams erased fade away like movie stars lost in time who time forget but did you forget you let me wont I held onto a faded dream I held on hope for hope not seen a faith that things would come to pass they never did but don't forget You made my cup flow like the river within us She Glances at the hands of time fade away loosing rhyme soon to be nothing more than this clouds uncurl a Whistle recalls the background noise of forgotten days then those trees just fade away and crash upon the forest floor the distance keeps me on my feet passions store please a bit for me on the distance shore wanting more than only sad memories hearts once entwined by who's own design hybrid clowns smiling through tears of joy My question would be why didnt you ever believe in me? Please find the reason why Love never dies for me? recalled the time the air was so rare it did not belong could not be held for any longer than a season or a moment there's no reason it has only ever been this way disappearing lines vanishing now points in time fade to black and white all gone away... these memories hold on tight I always did believe in you through the fog thought you would too rogue was too vague to just throw away the very thing it rained all day on my parade cry forever heart you knew that though you always knew it wasnt enough did you ever know you always meant so much to me I wanted it to always be so much more than this faded dream this long lost bittersweet memory You're my everything the when the earth was new a place I could really hold onto made me feel it would always last nearer now but still far away lucky for you I'm gone time never stole a thing from you to tow the line the party's past you caved into a thing not you I thought maybe you'd see me for the many trees Cause you know I always have tried in my own way to be somewhat free Your my everthing listen to these heartsounds then like old grammophones buried that day left to play endlessly upon my grave hoping to someday return to then to say I never stopped loving you You're my everything I can hold you in a porcelain box where memories keep a place for the heart Should have been here when I fought the cold I held back the years untold Where were you then? along the way I said a prayer I hope you see I had to do it my way This is just the way I am I thought you'd realize that You're my everything you let me go all those years ago kept me in the cold As I spun around looked for you the world sure felt like a spinning top made to spin out falling away like a broken glass in slow motion trying to stop the mess falling splintered to the ground upon my knees I cried out I begged you'd never leave but you know I knew that you would but you'll never know the pain I've felt lost in the memory of who you were I'd thought you'd be be my everything for all eternity who was a foolin'? clowns hold out hope the truth i dont want to hear to know back then what I know now not to hear a single thing not listening Know I now How I meant nothing.... You're my everything I had to know was me or was it the cold how did you find you're life now after you let me freeze upon the ground You're my everything although I am dead to you can I come back to but for a time or two you do realize I do not want to And you don't want me to ever haunt you with these off memories only that I want to teach you that a soul has this special place that never really ever goes away... jj

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  1. I dont know why I cannot post videos! I have to d/l onto my computer pics first? why? Anyway...I dont know why my poem turned out like this as I guess when I tried to get the video it went into this format and I am not sure why; if I pressed the incorrect button or if it just did this after the video did not d/l. Anyway I am still working on this song. But thought I'd let you in on the construction of the work in progress. More fun that a has been very hot lately. And my computer keyboard sometimes is slow as molasses in January (wouldn't THAT be nice?). smile folks and cop a cool breeze when you can. Put water on your neck and arms to stay cool. this is what firefighters do!