Friday, July 23, 2010

Desert by Request: More To Come Later; Soon Enough; Wait Til Monday; Fireworks MontagneCCopalomine

What crow flies counter-clockwise
Don Juan?

Turquoise held to find
missing gaps in the energy field

Hopi's Dream Dancer Hoops and Whoops!
Shiny white teeth
illuninate his expansive eyes
Like deepest jet black ink
like Dark Fire
dont think
hewlett packard print out
come to mind
takes time
Groom Lake
my relatives?

Mayan Blue
Russet Potatoes
Here there are
Petuns to Saskachewan
Now in Kansas Spin
Can you imagine?
Iowa corn growers
Travelling Man

Wolf Bane
Full Moon Time
Lizards scatter
to gather The
and The Ravens to gather Eagles
Coursing Energies Now
Release the Solar Plexus'
All Those Amongst Us
silly strings gatherers to
One Star Pupil
Don Juan
and His Friend
Don Genero the funny one
The Night's Music of Romance Has Just Begun

in the beginning along with
Hasnt been a time that has come along
in a very long time

and then and yet
the sand-dialed number
Ringing forever
reaches epogee
Now WoW Moment Pivotal Nano Second
recalls the old man hair
always his hair and dark beary eyes
flowing white robes and hair
like angels hair float in the desert breeze
and brooks evoke these subtle energies
capturing magic like breathless bees

these energies abound in the desert
surface to air
air to surface
the ascension throne room
The Robed One sits
to Gather His place
Amongst the STars
The Pleiades
Cassopeia's Necklace
Her King Returned

brought some flowers
the other day
magic 8 disco ball
dance for the first time
make the lame dance walk float
the blind
see clear through to eternity

to make such Nav magic sand circles
healing stones
Sierra the sun stood still
and we gathered
the needed energies
the universe enfolds us
it is told

everyday phenomenal
even in the menial
to make our daily world
better with prayerful intent
of a Love that is Our Universe
Grace has Given Us
cactus says STAY focused
eyes rooted on the ground
as around you
unfocused energies abound
my ancient friend
the best is yet to come
Let go
Fly High
Star Fire Starter
Home Fires'
Watch and Keeper

Our Souls remember
Enter by the pearly gate
the endlessness
of our limitless twilight
our forever sunset


electric lightening!
Did you see that flash
baja banshee waving upon
the approach

Holy Hot Tamales
Bannock Bread and Maple Syrup Survivors
Voyageurs on the road to Shanghai
Spicy Old Yak
The Yaqui tried it!
Echoes from Tomoroows
Gong Show
Key of G
stored away
In Hiding
by the Nagual's
Magic sand vials
the first trial
in the comfort of our
earthen adobe
lights out
see the night
more clearly

Hit the lights
Eyes open wide
to the lights fantastic
Reaching to you
to touch you
through this screen
does seem possible
imagination is not impossible
txs 2 carlos


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  1. Holy Hot Tamales! Loved it, and left this earth reading it.