Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Shallows~~~In The Bag~~~70th Anniversary of The Shadow!!!

The Shallows haunt my waking thoughts Taught naught the golden rule which should have been a big thing shiny and bright all around As light goes the preamble not able to penetrate the depths of the organism we have become not able to become the light we've obviously been Scrounging around on the ground with all fours now bipedal as I pedal around town on all fours in my car without doors closed in from being the one thing the one light that was once or maybe never given me The Shallows knows the way of the gene pool that innocuous place where the black ops seem to operate That bog that boggles the mind-set set at what? what is it now? a measly 0.35? Who's to live? Who's to die? Who's going the way o' the dodo bird today? As Secret smiles and ad hock winks makes one think... sure they got this in the bag? They do friend... One day...not too long a time they too, just like us... will bite the dust and rot! jj
and (video option not working; sorry!)jj

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  1. nice social commentary...where the black ops seem to operate...the way of the dodo bird indeed....nice write...

    ps...chk your spelling & spacing in a couple stanzas...