Saturday, July 17, 2010

~~~~Fine Art Wednesday On Saturday~~~Emily Carr's Birds

Dear Bloggies; (Bloggia?) Here is something that has finally sparked my midsummer saplessness. It must have been Emily Dickinson's poem about birds! And the Phoenix! Now I'd like to find out something about Emily Carr's Ravens. I know there is the Raven and the Eagle tribes in BC; Emily Carr being more about anthropology, or a combined art/anthropological nature. Very natural. SuperNatural British Columbia!!!

It is the birds of Emily Carr which intrigue me today. I also love her swirling paintings with trees that invade the sky. Emily Carr is a Canadian artist from BC. She was attached to the Group of Seven (see previous blog entry re Group of Seven Cool Down Wednesday). So I thought I would carry on with the theme of birds and Canadian Art. It is also a refresher for me, and so refreshing! So lets look at some of Emily's unusual raven and crow paintings.

Emily Carr the preeminent Canadian Artist, the ONLY woman artist attached to the Group of Seven was a free-spirit and very modern in her approach to art.Emily Carr (December 13, 1871 – March 2, 1945) was a Canadian artist and writer heavily inspired by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. One of the first painters in Canada to adopt a post-impressionist painting style, Carr did not receive widespread recognition for her work until later in her life. As she matured, the subject matter of her painting shifted from aboriginal themes to landscapes, and, in particular, forest scenes. As a writer, Carr was one of the earliest chroniclers of life in British Columbia. The Canadian Encyclopedia describes her as a "Canadian icon".

Interesting websites on Emily Carr

Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Note abit of trivia and synchronicity re Emily Carr; two Emily's; Emily Dickinson, and Emily Carr (did you notice that?) and the eagle paintings of Emily Carr and the eagle/phoenix poems of Emily Dickinson (you must have noticed that) and...the Hubble Telescope views of the Eagle Nebula (BC is famous for Astronomy) and the Emily Carr University, all Super Natural BC! Are the Emily's telling me something "Come to BC Jane and become an Emily-Jane!" Yes...ok...bye!


  1. Is it just me or does that one pic of Emily Carr look a lot like Picasso's Gertrude Stein? Maybe? Amazing!

  2. Emily has a house just like Emily's AND IT IS YELLOW!! OMG SO SYNCHRONISTIC I AM FAINTING!

  3. Victoria Art Gallery Vancouver Art Gallery

    Hey I am going to be doing more on this subject re: Emily Carr's Birds however the hub wants me to watch his Sat Morning Fishing Shows (yes with Darryl Cronzy and Bob Isumi, on TFN as well as Ch. 6 and then the Boating Show at 10:30 Power Boat TV. So I will be back after I can sneak away..maybe?)...Enjoy your Saturday fellow Bloggies!

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