Saturday, July 31, 2010

~~~Luncheon Date With Elwood Groover and Harry on THE POETRY BUS~~~(!)free ADMIT ONE per feckin

This is a On The Poetry Bus Insert as per ....the boss FECkineejit!The host today being...OH DAMN I GOT TO CATCH THE BUS! I'LL TELL YA WHO'S HOSTIN' ONCE I GET ONBOARD OK SWEETIES? LOVE yA! Chat soon!!!(Warning: the following rebroadcast is 'SKETCHY')...ON WITH THE SHOE!

Luncheon Date Chat with Harry and THE Elwood Groover!!!

Elwood: Good morning Saturday morning hang-outs! What you're not watching the fishing channel? Waiting for the "shore lunch" to come in! Oh, there he is now! Looks like the catch of the day will go into my boiled fish with veggies lunch today! Darryl Choronsy gave me this recipe today and it is from Mannesee MI I believe (Harry, check the spelling on that MI town please! Thanks Harry!).

Harry: Mmmmm that fish looks delicious Elwood!Fresh!

Elwood: Fresh as Fresh Can be...So what's the chat on that professional website like:

Harry: Well I caught some chatter.

Elwood: You caught some chowder?

Harry: No, Elwood! Chatter...about the "Zapruter film" you know Oliver Stone's "JFK"? HOT HOT HOT discussion from or with a Doctor!

Elwood: Dr. Stone? Dr. Who?

Harry: A doctor; a real live doctor!

Elwood: Not the kind you find online!

Harry: Well you check out the brilliant jANE jONES (YES her IQ is ABOVE 100!!!) There is something to say for the INTELLECTUALLY ADVANCED...that's for sure!!!

Elwood: Wow! I'm really looking forward to hearing what jANE jONES has to say!

Harry: Here is a repost for your enjoyment!

Elwood: Thanks a lot, Harry!!!

Harry: You're most welcome. Any further comments please check below. Plus, I have been given word by Ms jANE jONES that she will resume her Ms Emily Dickinson Poem-A-Day after she checks in with the Dr. Apparently there was some emotional upset over a critique! She just needs a few days! is the post regarding "Black Ops and the Zapruter film" (taken from the professional archives!)RE; THE ZAPRUTER FILM etc...Just watched Oliver

jANE jONES excerpts from a "Professional Discussion": Stone's JFK last evening on AMC. It came down to "black ops". There are how many agencies (37?)

like the CIA that we never hear too much about due to their secret designation. Should not all

government agencies be accountable, to the public's best interests? Who guarantees that the

people's best interest will happen? Perhaps there are a small amount of persons making the life

and death decisions for the people without a referendum. Should not the people have a say as to

their destiny? How did black ops begin in the first place and how can we make black ops more

accountable to the people? Or am I only pipe dreaming? This is the accepted curse of society to

be run by cloak and dagger outfits that have no regard for our well-being and may have

(obviously) a hidden agenda? My question; how would these unlawful groups happen and how do we

(as a people) stop them? (If they exist at all!):) jANE jONES


  1. Is this about The Blues Brothers?

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