Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~~~Visual Arts COOL DOWN Wednesday~~~Joe Average and Graffiti Art

Joe Average

"This above mural is located at the south foot of Anderson Street at W. 4th Avenue, near Granville Island. The mural was painted by Larissa Healy (lead artist and Sauteaux native), Bill St-Jean (Coast Salish native from the Squamish Band), Corey Hunter (Haida native and Bill Reid's nephew) and Amie Milot. The mural is a Haidagwaii design depicting the raven"

Love this style of art...I once had a potato-sack bag given to me by my sister who had just taken their mgb midget out west on their honeymoon. It was an Eagle Haida. I love how the Haida paint the inside spirit of the creatures they paint, like a whale as well. The entire BC lifestyle is pretty laid back, Vancouver being the most popular and considered the best city to live in according to surveys. Joe Average grew up in BC born on Vancouver Island which is a pretty nice place to live. Temperate weather, art galleries, Victoria with it's Victorian ambiance.

I think it is the CP Hotel (another similar Hotel in Banff, on Lake Louise is the most incredible colour of blue (turquoise). The mountain goats and wild flowers. One day I want to take the train out there but not in the winter. The Kicking Horse Pass and the other Pass are amazing. I like the strong coffee that sells here. Nanaimo, BC makes really good Nanaimo bars; a little too sweet for my taste however. We shall have to go to Victoria and have a spot of tea on day. Duncan BC looked like a lovely place to live, and I was dreaming about an apple orchard there with an ancient house there. Pretty expensive however! One is allowed to dream!

"Rims" Graffiti Artist

I found out a little bit about the Graffitt Art culture. It is a street culture, of course sometimes (almost inevitably) gangbangers involved, but sometimes just the lone wolf artist. I feel I need to learn a lot more about this subject, and do know that "tag" art has to do with an artist who uses their name in an calligraphic/artistic way, almost marking their territory. There is much rivalry between graffitti artists and is a world wide phenomena. I couldn't believe the amount of available artist supplies. I was sort of turned off by the FCC's in the paint so I never got into it that much, like not at all. Although I remember "Dave Has Big Balls" underneath a bridge I passed each day. I think it is covered now. I remember of course, "Kilroy was here". Did anyone ever attribute this to an original "Kilroy" maybe the first Graffiti tag ever.

"Herezy" Graffiti Artist

This reminds me of the Flying Nun! I like this!

I have always thought Joe Average's art really cool, sort of like Peter Max. So I thought I post his work here for today's Visual Arts Wednesday. Joe is from Vancouver B.C. Yes, I am on the BC theme lately. There is some interesting mural art in Vancouver from the Haida,

Not sure of the copyright infringement of Grafitti art, however I am posting here anyway (hope no gangbers).

Some question the viability of Graffiti arts. Many famous artists started this way. Basquiat in NY and Joe Average in Vancouver who has a graffiti-like mural style and then the northwest native style mural art which I really enjoy. I think Graffiti Art can be grafted or drafted into the Visual ARts experience. There is a place for this stuff!


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