Saturday, July 17, 2010

~~~Magpie #23~~~Firefighter HOT!!!~~~~a fractured poem

He was hot
Firefighter hot
Fire Engine Red HOT!!
What! With that hose!
a Cool promise
In a Steamy locker room hot!
Sweat streaming from
inbetween everything

6 foot four and built
Like a rock
Like a red brick house
"He's a Brick - House!"
Like a man after my own heart
He knew the groove tune!

Axe ready willing and able
to break down doors
to get to me!
Bounce a quarter off that muscle
My firefighter knew how
to put it out
and How!

He had an accent like Tom Jones
He had wavy dark hair
Slight sent o' musk
and Fresh!
Like Sea air with the Sky High Oxygen
Tank of a Man!
Something to be Thankful for...
My Main Man...Fire Main that is!

He had all the right moves
tonight the Night Moves
He came to my apartment
Like a shining night in ARmour
I was smitten with him
Soot-en too!

He quelled all anxietu
satisfied all hungry desires
Laid waste my unrequitted
passionate fires
I left on the stove
He put out my flame
as he came into my room
his eyes ablaze
with all that makes great
Firefighters Great

burning bright
like a tiger in the night
Oh those eyes!
Those "Come hither bedroom eyes"
Saying in his deep Barry White tone
"Come On Baby Light My Fire"
or was it Help me put "out this fire"?

As He doused my flame
This excellent excaliber extinguisher
Sprayed me with a cooling mist
from out of the bliss
Ahhhhh like a cucumber massage
or a icecube on
or dip in the pool
the knight in shining armour
Shone On
Just like
My Old Man and Me use to do
He always did now too
Yes, we use to
when we were hot
it's just
Too too Hot to Play
even with knowing
cool is just a spray away!

And then in a few days
He dutifully sent me
another Joe or
Along with a hot little note;
that to me
read something like
Baby "The Thrill Is Gone"
A Dear John as Jane Letter
Please Pay in 30 days
or else feel the Heat
all over again!
OhhOhhOhh BABY!!!
Hot Stuff!

( No NO NO!!! note the Firefighter version of the ChipnDales dancer! (did I do that?)...He did, he did, he did put out my fire, well sort of cause I sort of In the Heat of The NIght made this fantasy up!Yes, Yes, Certainly, The Calendars made me do it!

This is a true story! Honestly! there was an actual pizza box fire! Well my neighbour did! I saved the day, no he did! Just looking at him made me MELT!). btw WHY are fireman always such HUNKS!



  1. picture from Halifax Firefighter Calendar 2008 (Facebook Page).

  2. Wow, what a story, I do not know why firemen are so must be a requirement for the job...great magpie...bkm

  3. I've always wondered that myself. This is one HOT piece of writing.

  4. It's that man in a uniform syndrome .... your Magpie is indeed HOT!!!

  5. Oh, Janie, seems like a v-e-r-y cold shower is in order! Good Magpie!

  6. holy smokin' HOT post...whew I must go take a cold shower now....wowee baby!

  7. Great Magpie, 'The calendars made me do it' nice one.

  8. oh my...i think my fingers have singed typing this comment...maybe i need to find a firefighter outfit to surprise my nice magpie!

  9. Steamin' Maggie!! (yeah, blame it on those darn calendars)

  10. I'm sure it was the calendar that made you do it - those bods are the cause of many dreams and hankerings. :)

  11. i think I need a cigarette after reading this!