Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~~~Visual Arts COOL DOWN Wednesday~~~Canada's Group of Seven

Too hot to write? Cool down with refreshing paintings of the natural landscape and dream of these places which look familiar to me, being a Canadian. Here is a brief Bio on Canada's Group of Seven

The Group of Seven
Tom Thomson
Lawren Harris
J.E.H. MacDonald
Arthur Lismer
Frederick Varley
Frank Johnston
Franklin Carmichael
A.Y. Jackson
A.J. Casson
Edwin Holgate
L.L. Fitzgerald
Their Contemporaries
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Inuit Art
Contemporary Art
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In the early decades of the twentieth century, circumstances brought together several artists who were committed to exploring, through art, the unique character of the Canadian landscape. Collectively they agreed: Canada’s rugged wilderness regions needed to be recorded in a distinctive painting style. This style would break from European tradition and reflect an increasingly nationalistic sentiment.

Today, these men are among Canada’s most famous artists. For many, their works have come to symbolize what is the distinctly Canadian identity.

Chiccorealo so coola in Bella Coola
By a cool lake in the Woodlands
Swelter doesnt seem as persistent
as the melt down drag em out
When dreaming of the places where
The Group of Seven had been;
Cool Pools of Quiet Reflection
in The Georgian Bay sands

Keep Cool FolkS!


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