Monday, July 12, 2010

On The Poetry Bus With Dominic! Emily Dickinson Poem- On- A- Banana

Sleep is supposed to be,
By souls of sanity,
The shutting of the eye.

Sleep is the station grand
Down which on either hand
The hosts of witness stand !

Morn is supposed to be,
By people of degree,
The breaking of the day.

Morning has not occurred !
That shall aurora be
East of eternity ;

One with the banner gay,
One in the red array, —
That is the break of day.

Chiccoreal's logb take on the Poetry Bus Challenge and Writing On a Banana Emily Dickinson Poetry

Dominic Nicka Nicka...

I thought that I'd never see
A banana as lovely as a tree
or a poem so oddly apt
as the Banana Dandy
Thingy I just did-y

How's that for poetic licentiousness?




  1. Quick! Catch up! Not too late to catch the Poetry Bus!

  2. An allusion to the Singing Nun? ("Dominique, nique, nique"). That takes me back!

    Brilliantly off-the-wall!

  3. Oh this was a cheat! I tried to sneak in the Emily Dickinson Poem-A-Day, with my breakfast and an "On the Poetry Bus" episode. I guess I had an "episode" and devoured all evidence theretoforeof. No matter, I still saved the lines on another BananOGramO! I might go into a more sublime version later today. Maybe Not! I got Banana on The Brain Now!

  4. Wake me up before you Go-go but I think this is/ was, wake me up Scotty, mighty fine!

  5. I often wonder what Emily would make of our latest version of the world. What would she be like here and now? More importantly would she like banana poetry?

  6. Yes! The Singing Nun! nique! I forgot the song but SANG it ALL the time as a kid! I love your name anyway, TFNEJIT..THAT would be find Scotty again! Beeen so long a time! Even after the George Michael song. Total gets my drift! Is a "Scotty" a reference to...a pick up line in the old pond pub?

  7. Hard to say what Emily would say about the flagrant and blantant banana pushing; all in good taste! Miss Emily would probably write a poem about it the would go like this;

    "Pinions await
    the Bargement set
    their net
    upon far-fling shores
    Scarlet fields
    in the Clearing
    dripping feet
    round starry skies
    the time
    for an Emily Dickinson
    BananOGramO is now!"

    Probably Miss Emily would not mind if we were having a "transcendental" experience along with the banana!
    And all her poems were "found" after her death as if she had never really intended a mass following which she has anyway. She appeared shy but she could certainly experience her inner-most feelings which to me is very creative. Most with a cretive flair enjoy all endeavours which push the banana? HOpefully?

  8. Now this IS synchronistic! Bananas have a organic chemical in them (the name of which eludes me at this time; not trytophan; that's Turkey)which induces sleep and the poem is about what? Sleep!

  9. Bendy-nana poetry
    Slippery skins to set us free.
    A poet's bosom there to nurse
    A bendy-nana-uni-verse.


  10. No banana no poetry?
    I think this is is great it made me smile :)

  11. It made me smile as well. I need smiles these days.

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