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~~~Emily Dickinson Poem-A-Day And Crit/Poem~~~"On this wondrous sea"~~4/1175~

~~~On this wondrous sea"~~~ by Emily Dickinson 4/1775

(n.b. notre beinto) Readers please note; all Emily Dickinson poems are by E.D. and are from this site;

These poems are then reviewed, critiques, analyzed, and finally; poetizied (sp? wd?) by Jane Jones creator of Chiccoreal-logb to be found after the E.D. poem) Thank-you. Enjoy the fine poems of Emily Dickinson, and my blatherings as well!

Version 1

Write! Comrade, write!

On this wondrous sea
Sailing silently,
Ho! Pilot, ho!
Knowest thou the shore
Where no breakers roar -
Where the storm is o'er?

In the peaceful west
Many the sails at rest -
The anchors fast -
Thither I pilot thee -
Land Ho! Eternity!
Ashore at last!

[edit] Version 2
On this woundrous sea - sailing silently -
Ho! Pilot! Ho!
Knowest thou the shore
Where no breakers roar -
Where the storm is o'er?

In the silent West
Many - the sails at rest -
Then anchors fast.
Thither I pilot thee -
Land! Ho! Eternity!
Ashore at last!

by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson seems content in this poem to discuss her fellow "comrades" fellow artists, poets, transcendentalists, friends who are on the same course as Emily; discovery. Emily states that like a ship's captain we are on our own course and should watch the far shore (eternity) because it is in sight. Emily's transcendental nature, her love of nature, and her finding great mystical inspiration in the things of nature, and having a profound experience in nature is atypical of Emily Dickinson's poems.

Amazed to note the second version first stanza quite a bit different from the first version by Emily Dickinson. I think the first sounds more true to form of E.D. However, we are all "sailing silently" upon the sea of life, like a captain, we have to watch the rocky shoals because the beautiful calm shore awaits us all soon enough. Keep your eye on the prize I am sensing Emily saying here. Indeed Eternity sounds a peaceful place I'd love to visit. I sense Emily must have walked on the shore by the ocean for the inspiration for this poem. I am also reminded of Emily's patriotism and how she enlists the sense of the human soul reaching for the divine spirit within. It is quite a lovely poem.

"Sea the Sea Shore It is Nearly There Where ARe Souls Reside Tempered With Peace and
Resounding with Soul Refreshment" by Jane Jones aka Chiccoreal-logb

Comrade Emily
On this wonderous sea
I do see the sea
In all it's Glory
Shone All ARound
in Transdence
in Oppulence
in Peaceful repine
Oh How I Want To Be
In That Number
When the Saints
Go Marching In!
Achors Aweigh!



  1. I just don't really get this poem. I mean, what is it based on? Any certain events? I don't really think it is just about "walking on the shores of life" and all that jazz. I think there is something more but the thing is, is that I just don't know what exactly that it is... can anyone help me clear this horridly blosoming thought out of my head? Just please tell me before I drive myself insane trying to figure it out alone.

  2. Dear Anon: Truly, I think, for me anyway, that the poem theme is based on Emily's major themes of life and death; the soul being the victor. Thank-you for your comment!