Monday, July 5, 2010


Today I am channelling
Miss Emily Dickinson
Hold on whilst I get into the mode of Miss Emily

Yes, I am walking in the Massachuetts village
Oh Amherst
past the College Where Classics
Long since past due date
came to life
like me now in the know
past the hollowed halls
echoes of the crested hills
once hallowed by Seraph
Our destiny forecasts
Harbingers of Harbo

woods listening to the Universe and the Heavens open up
and swallow me like the bird
on the tree by the crocuses
As swiftly as a Pinion
gears chariots
mountain to the sky
opinions vary
mount to the skie
opine for a pine
whither the weather
come hence
stand here for me
a lonely tree
by the gate
where all
waiting for thee
by the far shore
where the village people
to find there one day
poured out
dressed as ageless Angels
the earth the Seasons undresses
Cresting Headed Landscape
Twelve times three
but you never arrive for thee
caught in this Victorian manse
like a wayward ghost
In Amherst Mass
With the Classics
Pined Against The Sky
who cantons own
won a reprieve
carried away by the Earth
never ending rotations
yo sup with the finest!

Channelled Emily Dickinson by ChiccOrealO!!!For On The Poetry Bus!!!



  1. I'm ashamed to admit I don't really know much of know Emily's poetry.I must come back and read some.
    I liked your poem though, even if I wouldn't get the references.
    I thought this bit was lovely

    'woods listening to the Universe and the Heavens open up
    and swallow me like the bird
    on the tree'

    I love the notion of the woods listening to the universe. It's a little jewel poem all by itself!

  2. Total: I do not know much either about Emily Dickinson (THE Emily Dickinson) but by a poem a day X 1175 poems, I may learn? Hopefully! I probably have the analysis not quite but I just might go back and tie up loose ends once I learn more. It is slow when she goes into her latin references. Glad it was a quicky poem in this heat; we're having a heat wave across the pond. Hard to think when this happens! So little ditties I don't mind. (probably the little ditties are the hardest to comprehend) Although Emily does appear to me to be very childlike and innocent and full of vinegar at times, especially considering the times when she lived i.e., Victorian times with Puritan ethics. Do you know there was only some portrait art etc. I guess the "graven" image but the need to perserve history was also important; so there was a compromise. I would someday like to study extremist thought. I wonder if somehow, Emily was using poetry as a vehicle for her own quest for personal freedom and Independence; much like here; ON DA POETRY BUS!!! Right On!TOTAL!

  3. nb Massachusetts (why can I never spell this word...I will try to remember to sound it out! That doesnt help either? Anyone else have trouble remembering how to spell (MA)(cop out) haha! :)

  4. I love emily's stuff and like TFE I think your poem is lovely in itself, nice one

  5. Very brave of you to attempt that. I am full of admiration, both for the attempt and the outcome.
    Fine, fine post.