Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's The Buzz: Buzz On The Street

Buzz here! Glad to be here today to report on all the wierd and wonderful, fantastic and phatomagoric (sp?) aspects in Aspen...Hey Anna Karina...I'm not in Aspen yet. Flight delay to the John Denver; do I feel like I missed the plane? Zee plane? What plane? I meant the PLANET. I missed the PLANET! Is there REALLY a JOHN DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT? How "Final Destinationisn-ish". Well the buzz on the street today;

Shirley The Signal Corps gal can do better than that incessant buzz on the old belfry. Can anyone say "G-O-N-G" show? You'd think that the noise was in preparation for the planned soiree later this week...THE CHRISTMAS PARTY. Don't forget to get your PARTY FAVOURS! My favourite flavour today is VANILLA...real vanilla please!

Noticing a drop in the barometric pressure today; we're in for some stormy weather. MAYBE SNOW!!! For all you SNOWBABIES. Maybe the hills will open soon; Praying the the Snowglobe I got last Christmas will render its magic soon! And to think..I JUST FIGURED out how to turn it on...beautiful lights...thanks Auntie Em!

Damn cat stayed out all night. That meant I was calling BAXTER in ALL NIGHT. And no BAXTER! Where did he go? Only half of him was cold when he finally DECIDED to come home at 5 am. But he sure helped himself to a HEAPING load of TUNA. Man I love tuna sandwiches. Need I say more. Sure you know this about me by now.

After Baxter and the two concubines ate their tuna they snuggled up on their favourite kitty nest. I would love to build a kitty tree, those are so cool! Baxter always is on the cedar chest by my work station here. He loves preening away and he is soooo cuddly on his extra-fleece dog blanket. It is so damp out today I had to turn the heat up this am. Cranky! Sure would know where Baxter goes to keep warm. Maybe the bottom of the boat or the old X150. He must sleep with his butt hanging out of the wool sweater I put there in case he should decide NOT TO COME IN OVERNIGHT. I am horse from calling him in! Damn cat!

Not much snow here today, maybe an inch here and there not totally covered on the grass; melting fast. With wintertime comes out the wonderful "Catherine the Great" or Anna Karina clothes; anything Cherry Orchard after the first snows. And today IS December 1st 2009 so it is FITTING that we would have snow overnight to crown the 1st day of December. Saying an early Happy Birthday to Doris; you know who you are; so there ya go; a mention here on What's The Buzz. "May all your days be wonderfully buzzed and bright shiny and new!" Love you Doris...not to be confused with Jerry Seinfeld's "Doris"...Jerry...naughty!

Today is abSOULutley a fine start to a fine month of party going. Do you have your decorations up yet? I found an old silk POINSETTIA plant in the office and I am trying to get up the nerve to get the TICKLE TRUNK from the basement with it's loaded up reserves of anything festive. Is only there were an PEASY button for this chore! No, I am afraid not. However, being in the spirit means...yes it means...everything is EASY PEASY...and a breeze. Taking it EASY PEASY AND smooth sailing all month.

Again...THE BUZZ is...I have been hearing a high pitch BUZZ in my ears all night for the past 3 weeks..but only in the early am. Not sure if that is the time it is quiet enough to hear what is going on in my inner ear or not. Maybe I need to clear out the sinuses. Does anyone have a good remedy for this? Maybe I will set up my own HAARP or HADRON collider will do the trick. No need to worry about which signal on the old radio channel. Damn microwave tech! Buzz towers begonia!
ps Any remedy here which isnt too dramatic would be most appreciated..maybe silicon earplugs?

Well, today is the first day of the rest of my buzz. This new and time honoured tradition will be taking up at least, hopefully a weekly position on the old chiccoreal blog. If you have anything you'd llike to add to this bullletin please submit and I will tack it on...if you'd prefer to remain in your prospective les and ANONYMOUS..please tell me that as well. Last thing anyone wants at Christmas is uncivil civil action. If you catch the next snow drift.

Have a wonderful time in ASPEN. And say hi to John Denver by offering him "you fill up my senses" sinus spray at the kiosk. Also tell him to play "Annie's Song" for me so I can have a good tear...I hear that also clears up the boggy. Until that time when I too can hear; "Sunshine pon My Shoulders" as I sloosh down those slops from Dumb and Dumberer, remember; bundle up and look gnarly; I'm watching you on the DENVER SNOW CAM!!! hahah! Have fun!

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