Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Memories for Y'all

Waking up to find
a magical world of dreams come true
sometimes plastic
sometimes true
of a new special light
in the smiling faces
of tired believers
that there is indeed
hope beyond cope
yes, virginia there is a santa claus
and this isnt any fancy prenup either

This is all there is?
This is all there is!
an empthatic question answered with an exclamation mark
the exclamation mark
great happiness
and joy
that is shared by all loving beings
worldwide on one
very very very
special day
to last us through
all the hell's to come
but heck, the rapture will be better than this, surely?

Christmas reminds one
of the Babe
That All You Need Is Love
Love to sustain us
(through our trials everyday shoppers)
Love to maintain us
(we are high maintainance; that's ok I married a maintenance worker)
Love to hold us
Love to keep us
(I am a kept woman)
In Ploughskeepsie New York forever
locked in at this rate
where we are fond of satisfaction
(I cant get no)
finally shook our hand
(not that way)
and woke up
(to find)
a sugar plum fairy world
the clacky little hooves were heard
late in the night
as my older sisters both
awoke me to
the sounds of typewriter keys
on the roof
(my mother the writer)
the quilt and
milk of human kindness
knows Christmas well
when all that wells up in our hearts
comes out on Christmas day
like I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In
and then just as swiftly depart
by Courier De Bois
Such synthetic stimulation simulated for us
by Mattel
Never will I forget my talking Bugs Bunny
or my Blue Bike with my odd perm by Anita
the hairdresser who had a shop in her suburban
Toronto bungalow basement
Straight hair forever curly
I like that wave
just a radical change for a popsickle stick kid
Anyone see Orphan Annie?

Reel to Reel
Really reels in those Christmas dreams
as we fished for them
like fishers of men
and yes, women too, thank god we got the vote!
just no the ranking in the ranks quite yet
not wholly so
when invisible
the veils they be
held secret in caves of men bears somewheres

Time for Families and friends and those have nots
to come together
to remember
when we once
only ever
true Love without the pain
when the saviour lived and walked here
how wouldst thou be
what made us is with us here and now
and not in some holding pattern at the airport?

If your love never got off the ground
because you waited too long for never
because never was your calling card
maybe gravity's weightiness
becomes weightlessness freefall
gravity's superball
and you are loved like there is no tomorrow
this is what I wish for you all!

jj 16 12 09

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