Saturday, December 12, 2009

Garnet Ringo Jingo

The sound of burnished old money
crackling ambers in the autoclave
The smell of old blood worn thin
liverwurst on rye
got the bee's knees on my pinky finger
garnet ring
like a tiger, tiger
shining bright
giving strength
to muscle lost
push comes to shove
is blood red
in my corpuscled brain
closed eyes in the sun
seeing through blood red
closed eyelids
my life is my red blood

throughly evoking
power of the sun
just the right shade
to do the right thing
lending credence
required energy levels
needed to sustain life
stablize the earth's energies
save the soul of all animosa
great divergences
great divides
running the spectral gamut
from thin red to thick red
from bright poppy cadmium red
the redheads are a fiery bunch
frightfully fightful
even for The Waltons or Brady Bunch
As red is like no other
some prefer their hair to be less red
opting for more auburn shades
i prefer redheads by Revlon
autumnal from tint and tone
the value of red
panty raid
the quality of
life itself
pure as the driven snow
with a long-stemmed red rose
red and white
blood-lusty flag
willingness to die
for belief
held close to the heart
entwined in time
blood is thicker than water
and snow splattered with life
where's the cup
to drink it up
heart being
pulsing red
Garnet Ring
reminding me

My masonic husband
maybe the Invisible Man
who still has blood
cursing through
his see-through veins
reminding one of all these
analogies to red
and Nash's Jewelry Store
Estate Sale Today!
The garnet ring shines
great earthly pleasures
yet far greater
unknown than known
the hidden secrets
held by blood packs
held by blood pacs
in Red Cross ambulances
for Emergency Surgery
the trauma was Love
Life's flow
gone wrong
turned tainted
bad blood

Garnet is not Ruby Red
but she knew Garnet too
and from this epic romance
rivals challenged
a pithy blood feud
from entombed Feudal Lords
etched stone recently rubbed
over and over
for comfort of battleworn and battle losses
of things removed
from touchstone cairns
created long lost rings
unanswered truth stores
in cubbyholes
ship dead entombed manifests
of lost at sea immigrants
gigantic waves
on far shores
lapping over
tipping over
bowling over
any known fairness to Fate
Classical gods
bleeding from
marbled tear drops
even the cold stone
has blood's
which drip
from the very
tastes like balogna now
liverwurst's taste weakened
no iron-rich food source
to sustain renewed life
unless plead the blood over all
The Lost Souls

Garnet Ring
remembers these things
ring true
like loud gongs
on the bell jar curve
deafening sound
from the stratosphere
only angels fear
yet we play harps
that seal the 7th seal
Armageddon for Argamemnon

the bells ring
hear yea, hear yea,
they can hear
sounds of great joy
clearly apart from the blood-lusty fray
their blood is purified rare
without taint of earth's iron mix
flowing freely
this water pure
ozone high
no sulfur mix
only sin to be shed in this save our souls
from the burden of blood
why must iron hold us down so?

"garnet rings
ruby red things
flood covers
a multitude
ring shines forth
red lasar beams
like the new day sun
awakening in me
a new day too
to begin again

painted toes
bright red
press on
not the only thing
this diva's got pressed too
and not just between the sheets
lots of red naughty things
goings on
glimmersticks kiss
with ruby red lips
garnet and gartered gartersmen
The Order of the Garder bestowed
for me lucky lady
a night of passion
nights in red satin
after the white sheets wore out

all dressed up
in esoteric shades of red
Lady In Red
Man In Garnet
Will Scarlet enters
and exits
stage right

as your late great aunt
bequeathed in her will
her wonderful garnet ear rings
Travels With My Aunt and
Auntie Mame
Garnets are a goils best friend!
travels in time all the time
Timex Seiko and Panasonic Sony too
80 Days Around The World
now it takes
80 nanoseconds how I love you!
tripping the garish garnished (some say pickled)
light fantastic
Garnet Rings true
round and round my carouselled
corpuscled and flatulent
red brain of joy juice
make mine wine
ruby red
garnet ring"

Thank you for the miracle that is red today!

jj 12 12 09


  1. I always loved to have one Garnet ring. It is one of the most precious gemstone with lots of good values. I like its bright colour and I always believed it had some mystical powers.
    Thanks for posting this article.

  2. yes i got a bit carried off with the what red means symbolically...there is something in garnet and ruby rings that bestown a sense if not actual "power" and that power is life itself. Doesn't the Pope have a ruby ring? Doubt I kiss my school ring - it was carbachon I believe, but red. I think I have this dualistic feeling towards red coming from the story red to me as a young girl called The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Anderson. Lots to mull over with that one!