Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sacrificial Offerings

Here in my little ditty world
There in your global portal
reflecting the pure sheen of peerlessness
looks within
for a second
to see
the mirrored surface shines outward
architectural images
I cant see in my window
as what's behind the screen
wont allow the depth
of inner vision
but safely said
these reflection divert and divest
the most dangerous gamma radiation
making swiss cheese anyway
ding ding
the bell rings
is anyone listening
or has sound dulled
our hearing
our visions
our learning
and yearning for more than what we are
needless to say I live with mirrors
and avoid like
the plagues of feng shui
the sin of misplaced self
even though I dont like them(mirrors)
I do like me who only reflects in turn
what is reflected upon

notice just what the mirrors reflect
what the tea leaves read
what the creme of wheat leaves in effigy
that which we want and do not want to see
like too much sea or
not enough land
the balance finds
the same thing
certainly could use some variation
in the variable perimeters given
without showing too many worlds overlapping
making for far too much information
and attention
by the way

all we are and wont to be
wonton and waif
like a lightfooted being
never to touch the earth
like size 00
are you short when you
take off your high heels
height restrictions
he should say
he could say
and did say
"move over stretch"
I want to get past
like I am only allowing
certain passengers past
and understanding of the past
and my feelings lost
on that drift
that made us one with the ditch
and I did like an obedient
punch and judy
moved the earth
the mountain of snowy sky
"tell thee mountain to move"
and it did, it did, it did!!!

she stood at tomorrow doorway lentil
the capstone over her head
now replaced
the window was now wide open
still rivers run through it
glimpses of new worlds
mountains of matter
beckoned and electrofied by Beck
and possibilities
were soon recognized
as being not only probable
but possible
these possibilities realized
these dreams made solid
in the here and now
from then and there
way back within the deepest reaches
these latent subconscious realms
reborn like coccooned larvae
waiting for the moment
of shine, to shine, reshine
resigned to shine forever
in infinities infinite
causal of constant constanza's
circulatous circle route

each person's a window
and there are
many many windows
how many is infinite numbers
(is this really understood?)
here and now
wondering if cookie could believe
her fantastic fortune cookie
good luck
or hear me say
onwards and upwards
and beyond
as these new neonetic partnerships
electromagnetic possibilities
malleable like clay
you can make anything you want
at Alice's restaurant

At Auto Mat's Laundromat
Cookie can be seen
folding and
kneading dough
needing dough
cookie doh!
drifting across oceans
like undone
laundry by laundress
left on the clothes linethe ocean waved by
too long
she while she held onto
while others folded scolded and stole
and caved
all had walked away
she walked towards
calling her back
with stiffled voices
"Come back Cookie"
soon the shepherds folks
clothes wellworn
were only slightly ripped
from the down trodden frayed
covered up
by this overt and saving face
display of affection
Her Fortune said "Love"
"Will bring you great happiness"

When did I first start to believe?
Love could be so much more than this
knowing how sick
and tired of waiting
Godot never answers the phone

Tracks of my blood drawn against
the company line
that endless track of being
a bad line
a bad discord
a bad disconnect
dissention in the ranks?
Say no more!
Off with 'er head
we've got others you know

In the bowels of the Tropic of Cancer
towels to wipe the sweat
the tears
the fears
the long subway drive through
The Holland Tunnel
endless warming trends
one day
too hot t
one day
too cold
to hold onto
anything that further extreme
a long way from our homeostatic being
tit for this
tat for that
this sassy tomale
is on her own
alone again naturally

No answer
only a dead ring tone
on the other end of never
a long drawn out held breath
of dead air time
you're not there
you're just not saying anything
or you're breathing way too heavy

Why didnt you tell me how sick I'd become
trying to go against nature
break the glass ceiling
where pink
cause that colour's not in season's epoch
into millions of pleasing pieces
of ghettoized corporate Americana
held up to the light
burnt to a crisp
to stand on my beleagured own to say
She'll be strong again one holy day

Maybe we'll find
by going back in time
the stolen garden gate
from those gate crashers
the sunken island dreamers
from my backyard graveyard
i didnt even look so much as a peep
freaked out
i kinda stayed that way
no reboot
for this crash victim

Just heard the Garden gate
the clicky latch catched
onto my powerless thumb
(whose thumb was I under number one?)
too close for comfort
now she's really who's?
she's come undone

Look around you
all the down and outs
chia pants
did you see the end of the journey?
or a beginning new world order?
maybe both if you're french

did you flourish in france
with new ideas
or seed bank the fertilizer
as you spread around
the manure
I swear
by my dead Great Aunt's Antibodies
the seed was planted
the ideas were fomenting
like a witches brew of
Irish stew
in a Celtic garden
with You
you certainly were there
werent you?
Jimmy the Lizard King
had just played
and Deep Purple patches
were on the sunset horizon
time to get back
you do belong dont you
I heard that there are so many
exclusive clubs
the excluded feel like extroverts

who knew all could be so cool
as to be cold emotionaly speaking
vacant as a downtown parking lot
after 6 pm
Vacant turns to No Vacancy soon
Hearing the garden gate
slam behind me as I left
that party
time and space
in the here and now
the only landscape
behind us now
when things seem closer
than further away
where they should be
takes on new meaning
reflective and distorted
is no way to be

To see me pine this way
for long lost time channel
in a pinebox forever
full of Acmepinescum
ancient native remedies
to heal from the inside
or the outside in
ending up
at the same place
start up costs a lot

time once held all secret wounds at bay
until the emergency crew got there
to patch up
with some incantation
and wolfbane extract
and exacting cost
life and death
in the fast lane

yes i wanted out with such sickening insistence
and inference
to whoa slow down
why you trippin' so fast
where you goin' in such a hurry?
cant you make this moment last if not for this minute
at least for this forever zen nanosecond
is that too much to ask
for a Christmas present?
from a wizard of zoom?

Dunced down
by my foreign correspondent
my facebook friend that would never be
because she thinks
(she can think?)
really you liked me
like a reeled in grouper
a fish out of water
something to be admired
for it's vast differentials?
spin that on your gyroscopic turntable
yes tables do turn
what happens to the plumbing when they turn?

If you see me
as a talentless, tactless mess
youre right
I've become that what I have been told
"you'll end up like your Aunt D in Mississippi"
or some closer version to the madhouse
who knew
that which the minions knew
held close
education at a premium
the high stake game
who holds the knowledge keys in the power
turns the lock
lying there all along
just under
the ground

this I did not know
along with so many more things
held secret
held close
as tight as to the collared of the coloured white ties
the educational premium
out of range
my price range anyway
exclusive club
of wannabes who get it right
110 percent of the time
no doesnt come cheap
it is as priceless as
yes is free

lots of woebegotten
held tightly together
with crazy glued parameters
deemed unneccessary to teach
cant forget the frayed fray
at Christmas
those usurperd paramours
they'll come undone
with transplanted memories
and vacant stares
across empty spaces
how to help the multitudes
we few
fragments of the clothe
take up the cross
burdens be light
the night comes swiftly
as a thief
ne'er knowing the day
or time of hour
the clock is ticking
it is 11:59 pm
Bewitching hour
for the undead

"I am not the beast to sufer this dream
this nightmare under warantee
could I not be the unblemished calf
with a dose of clear and clean
all is awash in that upline of
multistreams of income coming from
the light; Lord please do me right!"

jj 16 12 09

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