Friday, December 11, 2009

Discussing EGO today. Not Super Ego or ID. Today we will talk strictly EGO.

First, we need a definition of EGO. Ego is the mind's concept of self or "me". The ego is the conscious part of the brain when one wakes up from a dream and remembers one's name. For example "Good morning world, I (Dick/Henrietta) am happy to be alive". So the remembrance of one's name and the concepts that go along with the name or ego is the ego. But ego is much more than just name alone. Ego is beyond all else created and moulded.

When we are younger versions of self, or babies, we come slowly into a realization of self. Our ego has the basic building blocks of individualization which is ego. Ego has a strong predistination, predermination, but itis not wholly cut from stone. It is mallable, like clay, it is formed from raw material (maybe even matter). Like building blocks the ego is multifaceted and multilayered with many experiences which molds the ego into what it "is" or "becomes".

Ego can be either environmentally derived or made from purely genetic predetermined material (or matter, genetically speaking). Usually the ego is made up of 50/50 environmental to genetic but not always. There are always amendments to these hard and fast rules of ego definition. At this time, there is not an adequate definition for ego. Ego is a very complex entity which science is trying to determine and adequately label in definition.

Since the ego is both environmental and genetically manipulated to a varying extent, it is changeable; malleable. However, the ego is wholly supported by the ID and Superego to a certain degree depending on the needs of the ego or individual at that time. Briefly here; the ID is the need of the body the "I need". The Superego is the "I want". The Superego is the ego's fragile hyper self inflated by love of maintaining ego to any and all extreme. Superego is a paranoid defence to inflate the ego to superhuman means. It gets complicated when defining the Superego without examples. The Clark Kent/Superman would be a good analogy. Clark Kent represents the ego and Superman represent the Superego. The Hulk or the Beast from Beauty and The Beast represent the repressed psycho-sexual urges of the Id. These are basic analogies; the real human being; Id Ego and Superego are much more complicated than these simple analogies, there is much more subtle fluctuations which will be discussed later in the actual human being test subject.

It is virtually impossible to remove the ego from the human being unless that person is no longer understanding the "who am I" or fails to recognize their designated namesake. For people to recognize that the ego almost always stops the soul from progressing to higher levels of consciousness is obvious. All the GIGO a person or ego accumulates does make for some clogged up synapses which does not permit access to the parts of the brain which are labelled the "god parts of the brain". Some research into the pineal gland in the brain's limbic system for example is case in point. The secretion of said pineal gland hormones can and does produce the heightened sense of spirit invading the person's mind, body and soul. This gives proof that the ego can separate from the attachment to the person, but then, the person is actually unaware they are a "person" as they become part of the universe.

Cosmic consciousness allows the ego an escape hatch from self and all the "baggage" or GIGO that entails. The need to feel free is cosmic consciousness. The soul's need to be pure spirit. To become one with the universe. To achieve nirvana or heaven here and now in the moment, zen-like on earth is heaven.

Ego needs to be understood for what it is and what it represents to the human being. Humans must understand that beyond being "Suzie, Billy, Linda or Jimmy" they are first and foremost a soul which is a unified being with the cosmos. The ego is a gestalt pattern which is predetermined for us, if not in part, in its entirety. If the human being were allowed to understand how the soul is captured by the ego this would raise man's consciousness level to a new bench mark and enable the human being to achieve much more than ID or Superego greedy self-defeating and paranoic survivalist "fight or flight" response to all that we see and do here on this plane of existence on this place we have called "earth".

Labels have made us what we are today. Our names make us who we are. The way people respond to us, positively or negatively has made the person who they are or are not. The limits that labels have created for the individual predispose us to a fated world. The real limitlessness of spirit and soul imbibing in the spirit of the infinite is a much finer and refined reality. One that the human potentialist movement has tried to obtain and maintain since Maslow and Abrams first introduced it in Psychology research in the 50's - 60's I believe.

In conclusion, the ego is the definition or label we apply to a person. It is an avatar brief description of something which is merely face value. Ego does not have a soul it has a definition of self. That self can feel strongly possessed by its definition or waiveringly out of control as in aberant psychology. Ego is not as strong as the Souls recognition of self, which goes far beyond the ego labelling and sterotyping. The Soul is, after all eternal, the ego is finite.

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  1. Reminds me of the song by the Who "Who Are You"...whowho says the owl. You are who you think you are and then some. How were you made into "you"? There must be a spectrum of individuals from the lowly to the mighty. How exactly this takes form will be interesting to discern. It may be like a hive-like pattern, or it may be wholly spontaneous and random. Pursuing this avenue of psychology today!