Saturday, December 5, 2009

Buzz B. Likely chats with Dr. Joe Schmoe

Dr. Joe Schmoe: Good morning/afternoon/evening uninvited guests of the program. Today I'd like to introduce you to my friend and mentor Buzz B. Likely. Hey, Buzz, how you've been, what's been happening in your neck of the woods?

Buzz B.: Oh not too much Joe, pretty much the same old.

Dr. Joe: Buzz, really? Sounds like you need a reboot. Are things really that boring at the ok used moose car lot?

Buzz B: Well, yeah, sort of dullsville. There are moments between extremely boring long stretches that seem to go on forever and ever, amen. To quote a famous country songster Randy Travis!

Dr. Joe: Hey, Buzz used to be the d.j. to "get the party goin'"...what happened?

Buzz B: Guess you can call it burnout or the middle years slump. Maybe the dreaded "round-tuit", when I get "round-to- it I know it's too late and therefore not happenin', if you get my drift?

Dr. Joe: Oh sure, Buzz, I get your is like this, you are sometimes awash in the wrong vibe, and need to recalibrate to the right vibration to "get the party going". You may need to re-metabolize the old energy cycle. Have I got a remedy for you!

Buzz B: Really? That would be cool. It's all natural and legal I assume, Dr.?

Dr. Joe: AbSOULutely. And it's RAW!!!

Buzz B: Youre kiddin' right?

Dr. Joe: No joke, man!

Buzz B: Yeah, well man it sure would be fine to get some renewed spirit wine. Fruit of the vine, that sort of thing. New wine dont exactly fit into this old wine skin.

Dr. Joe: That's right Buzzbe; that's why I thought you'd be the one to benefit from the new development I just lucked into. You and a million or so left over and soon forgotten boomer kids! You know we are going to bust the system with our senior needs soon.

Buzz B: You're right Joe! I remember all that partying in the 70's took it's toll. Hardly have an ounce of energy considering all the ounces that once were denouced! Times change, I guess I didnt!

Dr. Joe: It's not that you need to go in for a total transformation or 100 percent redo. When you hit the middling years; the 50's you need to rethink strategy. It is a different big picture. Things come into perspective; the raison d'etre taking on a purposefullness missed "by these eyes before" to quote the Guess Who's Burton Cummings!

Buzz B: No kidding, man! I really find myself tired all the time. I have no get up and go. I heard on the radio this a.m. that it may be "metabolic syndrome". Do you know anything about this?

Dr. Joe: Not that much, I am learning so dont quote me here; again I am not a real dr just portraying one on this cool chiccoreal blog "logb". This chic who thought up this was really far out. Reminds me of the hippy chick I dated in Detroit once. Her brother was a brain surgeon. How cool is that?

Buzz B: Well that is awfully cool man. I guess it would be really cool to be a neurosurgeon. I call my kind of brain surgery "brain salad surgery" from the album by was it Jeff Beck? Oh man, I really am showing my age!

Dr. JOe: Hey, man, I am as old as you are, I can relate! Dont let "it bring you down, it's only castles burning, find someone who's yearning and you will come around". Hey who sung that one? My short term memory has gone...up in smoke! Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later! Now for the aging baby boomers naturopathic remedies for all those misspent "wasted days and wasted nights" (I am thinking that song was in the 50's...really dating me now...) I must give credence to all those survivors of the 50's 60's and 70's the FLOWER POWER children...who VINI VIDI VICI'd the whole enchilada. Man, I bet we have some real cool stories combined to make a few tall tales! Anyway, back to the home remedies...

Buzzb: Yeah, what are they; I kinda drifted in and out of consciousness with that last diatribe!

Dr. Joe: Stay awake the time is at hand. The time and hour unknown it will come like a theif in the night. That's Biblical! Got to keep my Born Agains happy!

Buzz B: For sure, man, I can dig it!

Dr. Joe: So if you want to stay fit at 50 you have to get in tune with the right metabolic diet for you and that means...go RAW..go green. No white flour, no white sugar, no white pasta, all that. Stay away from allergens. NKnow how to say no...portion size. Get into healthy living eating being!

Buzz B: How do I do that?

Dr. Joe: An old colleague of mine said that white sugar is white death.

Buzz B: But I love sugar, man! It's in do I quit sugar?

Dr. JOe: Slowly, suredly. You have to wean off sugar it is a drug to the body. You have to introduce natural sugars like HONEY SUGAR. Where do you get honey sugar? Well...I think natural honey, and Royal Bee Jelly is the best, has all the vitamins and amino acids the body needs. Of course there is some red/green algae too, and than you need to watch SALT. Too much salt in everything today!

Buzz B: For sure man, those doritos chips and McDonalds have WAY TOO much salt. You'd think I just gulped a mouthfull of salt water from the ocean. Yuke! After I eat some food I feel crappy, is this why?

Dr. Joe: Exactly Buzz B my friend, you need to find the right diet for your body. In fact you need to find what kind of blood type you are and research what kind of food you should be eating for your particular blood type needs. Once you get the swing of getting off the junk food, you will never feel "wasted again in Margeritaville" unless you happen to be Wasted again in Margeritaville for real, man! Thanks to Warren or is that Jimmy Buffet! I remember, jimmy! The Buffet drawer Jimmy..isnt there an artist called Buffet?

Buzz B: That's DuBuffet man..he's awesome. Does these huge blue dogs I think I saw his work at the M.O.M.A. in NY NY. Man that was awesome. I digress but I really love the Jackson Pollocks...they were ALIVE, man..they were breathing! Oh maybe they just looked that way. Could have been the Wild Turkey and skunk I got on the long buz ride from Canada! Hahah that was in the early 80's man!

Dr. Joe: See, Buzz, you can remember! We will get those old memory cells firing back again in no time. Just got to reboot the old bod by making the right "adjustments" to the gigo.

Buzz B: What's the GIGO?

Dr. Joe; Garbage in = Garbage you want Good In and then Good out...dig it man!

Buzz B: Hey man, thanks for the lesson today. It was really cool to be able to learn something today. I think I am going to my refridgerator to get a RAW carrot and CELERY and eat that first thing in the am with a big glass of clear and clean water with a lemon zinger tea after that and maybe I can eat porridge. My blood type says i should stay off wheat.

Dr. JOe: Ok buzz you do that and tell me how you feel after a week on the raw diet. It is better than any buzz you can get being healthy. You'll see how good youll feel. Plus, work out on the Elliptical 3 x's a day for 100 revolutions until you are not tired out. Then well add weights. Also, do you have a swivel chair? Good, then you can swivel like on those 200 plus adds (hey the swivel chair is free!) and you can hula chair your cool is that! and it is fun to when you listen to the good ol' rock n roll. After a week or two you'll be back to the old buzz in no time flat!

Buzz B: Right on! Give it a try. If I can find the strength!

Dr. Joe: You can do it but dont do it if you are sick. if you are sick go easy or you could have a cardiac incident.

Buzz B: Do you mean a heart attack?

Dr. Joe: Yah! Dont do anything without a dr. saying it is ok. There could be underlying heart problems or other medical things that could interfere with being successful at rebooting the body. We want to be safe first and foremost. Plus your doc can adjust your levels of exercise and diet to fit with your fitness level. I have heard of the most healthiest of people jog to the point where they have a heard attack, just because they pushed themselves too much when they were sick and should have taken it a lot easier. Remember there is a balance to all things, yin and yang. Knowing this balance is the start to health. We'll get there. Call me back in a week Buzz B. I really want to see how you are doing. Ok?

Buzz B: You got it doc! Thanks!

Dr. Joe: Remember: "let the good times roll"...for sure!Rock n roll!

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