Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rummaging through
these Old scrolls
These old wounds
straight up uncurled
Lives told of
sanctified Love
rare as the honey
old skin
once in new wine skins
replaced holy with used
where's the dew
the morning brew
of many dreams this morning
repeating patterns
many times over
to all the crew
reel to real
real to real
seemingly so
or is it
my memory-x's

Where are we running to
where are we going to
forecast foreshadows from past haunts
future divination distributing
distrusting metho's madness
lab rats in lab coats
how cute!

Merlin's at it again
with his magical wand
making bells from nowheres
sweet valley songs
ringing bells
Judy Judy Judy

so pretty for so many
multiple times
each belle has a story
a beginning, a middle and an end
alternative realities
taking up fantastical space
and stunningly beautiful
panoramic possibilities
It's too beautiful!

To those of us whose
look at each other
in a shattered mirror
can pieces be put back together
for a small get together
at Jack's Shack
for a night
of Raw food
like celery and carrots
leave off the stew
and the dip
don't forget
the dip

Simply following the stream
of flotsam followers
those whose duty
it t'is
to find the perfect storm
perfectly valuable
for the leftover meat
feeds a family of five
and saves at least nine

By ways of the kitty mews
littered and strewn
what's the news?
Designed by the Great Santini
Destroyed by Infamous Past
Slipstream into something comfortable
You'll be here for awhile
As I hold onto you forever
did you think that possible?
As you become so much more than you
in Perfection's Pleasing Punchbowl
a knockout
the postman only rings once
and then leaves this time of year
for the Bahamas

did you shut out the new
with the onld
the long stem story etched
on vodka glasses
and hooka hanuka
on dancer and prancer
to the top of the house
the A frame chalet
dash away all

a new dish
brought trouble
right from the start
you cant think these things
or be labelled a cook
Epp and Flow
The Girls know
how well to perform
on the steaming crab legs

Keep and Embellish
this kodak moment of forever
wrapping it around
your pinkie
as a reminder
belong to the one
that holds you forever
in their heart you play out
the game in endless
power begets
to the highest bidder
hold your cards closer
coming in for a kiss
dont be shy
shy guy
have some seeded brain food
fried in egg
slowly regroupe the following day
exacting measurement means
love isnt mean
it is meant to be
without the t
or the completeness i needed
for this circle route
gets dizzingly droll
as I drool
over the gumdrops
for a chance
to shake your hand
or some nearest member
of the club
you are always

jj 20 12 09

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