Friday, December 18, 2009

5 Missing Pieces

"This stupid puzzle!" Jody slammed her puzzle piece on the octaganal wooden coffee table. "Mommy...come here, please!" Dorianne looked over her bifocals from her laptop and asked "What's wrong now Jody?" Jody was gimacing and looking extremely frustrated "Mommy, I can't seem to get this piece to fit, can you help me?" Dorianne found herself rolling her eyes up to the ceiling and then stopped herself, and nodded and smiled "Sure Jody, here, let me help you." Dorianne realized she had been spending too much time on getting her home-based business off the ground, to the detriment of her family. She realized Jody's diffculties with the puzzle could be simply a case of Jody acting out her frustration at her mother's lack of attention lately.
"What seems to be the problem" Mother Dorianne asked her eight year old daughter. Jody's curly blonde hair lending an angelic aura to her daughter's somewhat devilish chagrin.
"Why don't we look for another piece in these other thousand pieces of sky?" Dorianne had to stop herself from rolling her eyes again. It was becoming a bad habit, maybe she could replace it with something more constructive Dorianne thought to herself. Her daughter needed her guidance now. This moment, however banal could be one of those pivotal momentsthat would could or should change her daughter's life in one way or other forever. Dorianne wanted to stay on course, to hold her ground and her parenting skills would be tested, she would be the victor over the incessant need to be self-absorbed; greedy. Her daughter needed her. Dorianne liked this. No one else had ever needed her. She would not cave in to pettyness now; she was going to see this through. Dorianne and Jody would meet the challenges and step up to the podium, hands clasped over their heads, bowing to the muses and gods that may just be watching their every moment and erratic mood.

"Jody, Jody, Jody..." Dorianne smiled directly into Jody's face. "Here is the piece, I tell me if it's the correct one". Jody snatched the blue coloured piece of puzzle from her mother's fingers and immediately placed it in the puzzle. "It fits, I knew it! Mommy, you are so good at this!"
Jody jumped up and down and turned around and hugged her mom. "Thanks Mom!" Dorianne blushed a little and said to Jody, "Jody, you just need to match up the edges of the pieces that are already there, that way you can find the exact tone of the piece for matching, especially in this light blue area of sky". Jody looked at all the blue colour pieces and proceded to find the next piece. "Look Mommy, I found one!" Dorianne looked relieved and felt successful in some small but important way. "There is always a method to life's problems, Jody. You just have to find out how to do it and how to do it correctly. All life's problems are solved a little bit at a time". Jody was finding more and more pieces and the sky portion of the puzzle was almost completed. "Mommy, will you read to me a bedtime story?" Dorianne looked at her watch. "It is bedtime already, my how time flies, let's go, first under the covers gets to read the first paragraph". Jody raced to her bedroom behind the den and shouted "I won!" Dorianne calmly asserted "Yes, you did, but I'm a close second! We'll read for awhile and then definitely 'lights out'! Jody looked sheepish and rolled her eyes and pouted her lips, "Ok mommy, you win, I promise I'll go to sleep if I get a cookie first". Dorianne stated emphatically "No deal Jody, we had an agreement." Jody piped in "Ok Mommy..."
The new dawn had begun early for Dorianne as usual. From her computer desk where she had begun typing on the computer she would glimpse over to see the light cutting through the clouds like a bright cookie cutter. It was mid December and Dorianne had so much to do, so many preparations for the coming holiday season. Still wearing her flannel pj's with the little dogs on them, Dorianne did not feel the part of the executive stay at home mom. Her new business had taken years to get her to this point of just putting the shingle on the door. How much longer would it take to get noisy visitors to cough up a few coins so she could, on her very own energies raise her energetic daughter in the ways and means Dorianne had been accustomed. Life sometime appeared to go in reverse for Dorianne, things were opposite, backwards, with many brick walls which had to be, if not dismantled, completely torn down with one huge wrecking ball.
Although her flannel p.j.'s were warm her hands, and in particular her feet were always cold. Never being able to find her slippers, and not liking to wear them since the terrible fall down the stairs this past summer, Dorianne did look around for a pair of wooly socks. "Oh here they are". }Maybe I should write about wooly socks today. It makes more sense than crunching these numbers; what a drag!" Dorianne did not like having to get up at 4:30 am everyday, but it was the only way that she felt she could get ahead of her work load. Besides, she often was too exhausted at the end of the day and liked the early mornings where she felt somewhat refreshed from sleep and could approach her problems with renewed energies.
Dorianne had been feeling something just was not right with her world lately. Although things had been somewhat survivable she did not feel that her world was anywhere close to thriveable. There was this impeding emptiness which had crept into her life lately; be it from middle age angst or premenopausal, Dorianne did not at all feel like the "good old Dorianne" she'd often refer to herself. She felt like she was sinking into an endless pool of encroaching space, and the funny thing she had recently found; many of her friends and colleagues felt the same way. So this feeling of doom and gloom wasnt subjective, others felt this way. It was not depression, although this certainly could not be ruled out, given that nearly all of her friends had been prescribed Zoloft or Prozac within the last five to ten years of post menopause. "Hey, even the guys aren't immune this time, the blame game isn't on the 'single mothers' as the soul culprit behind the mortgage collapse or the dent in space, what d'ya know". So if it was not the single mothers thought Dorianne, who exactly or what exactly was causing the shift or rift from positive to negative in her ordinary world. There really was too much negative happening worldwide to millions upon millions if not billions of people. People did not connect the dots yet, there was not puzzle contrived to fit any pieces into yet, and yet...these oddball quirky events were an almost everyday occurence, and were occuring with more and more frequency. Maybe Dorianne should talk to Professor Armitage at the University. She certainly would be able to elaborate on any type of anomaly present in today's physical construct. Maybe something were amiss. Something odd about it all. If physicists could not help, then who or whom? A good psychiatrist? "P-shaw!" Dorianne thought of a way to elaborate and collaborate with persons who may not be die-hard scientists, but who were interested in discussing remote possibilities. These people were certainly getting rarer and rarer; ever since these people of conspiracy theoretics were labelled and grouped together as "nuts". By all circumstances the cause of the excess of conspiratorial theorists should at least be verified. And yet, it was not. The truth be told? Or the truth be hidden? Dorianne was not ever one to hide beneath the sand, she preferred straight forward and honest answers. Apparently these answers were as hard to find today as hen's teeth.
So where would middle America place the blame this time? Was it really only one person to create this glitch or some "swamp thing" swamping the scene with incredible carrots before our eyes and then create the bait and switch as if some illusionist from Vegas?
Dorianne thought she would write it all down for posterities sake. Maybe her study at the University in the late 70's of Aristotle's Posterior Analytics had something to do with this incessant need to make order from chaos. It sure beat month end at 4 a.m. Perhaps the sheer number of such inordainate and unusual glitches, time warps, odd happenings and freakish things occuring should be expounded and expanding for the sake of recording history and the behaviour of the universe. Perhaps...
As Jody had risen earlier today than her usual 4:30 am reveillee, she was able to commit more time to her new found mission; expounding on the concepts of space/time dents and glitches and how these "glitches" for lack of a better word, impact everyday people's everyday worlds. Even the not so ordinary apparently, yes that rare animal, were having difficulties with time pieces and time warps. Now to find an answer. Where oh where would these anwsers be found thought Dorianne. Suddenly a light at the end of the tunnel, a eureka moment; Swiss Watch Makers! Of course this would mean a trip to Switzerland thought Dorianne. Hope Jodi could pack up in ten minutes! "Matterhorn here I come!" Dorianne was smiling like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. "Hi honey, I'm hooooooooome!".

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