Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dr. Joe Schmoe Talks with Dr. Roberta Burns

Dr. Joe: Welcome Dr. Burns to our white paper discussion format! It is a pleasure to meet you!

Dr. Roberta: The pleasure is all mine, can I call you Joe?

Dr. Joe: Please do! We're both colleagues of the same alma mater!

Dr. Roberta: Didnt you graduate in 65?

Dr. Joe: Actually it was 66, I was off by a cuff!

Dr. Roberta: You were in the Zoology department?

Dr. Joe: Yes, there and the Psych ward, er ah, I meant Psych Department!

Dr. Roberta: Well, Joe, it's been a long time. Do I remember you and your various protests!

Dr. Joe: We don't kiss and tell on this shoe, Roberta!

Dr. Roberta: All in jest Joe, but you do remember the Vivesectionist Protest?

Dr. Joe: Dr. Roberta, really! I'm the interviewer today, thank-you very much!

Dr. Roberta: Ah, I see...somethings are meant to be kept in the past.

Dr. Joe: You knows it (said in thick Jersey accent)!

Dr. Roberta: Where were we?

Dr. Joe: We were? When?

Dr. Roberta: You're right Joe, I didnt date you. I think I was the only goil on campus that didnt date you.

Dr. Joe: Why the Jersey accent?

Dr. Roberta: When in Jersey do as the Jersians?

Dr. Joe: Well, Roberta I think you know what I am going to ask you next. You got a keen way of diverting those Barbara Walters line of questioning.

Dr. Roberta: You mean direct questions?

Dr. Joe: Exactly, Roberta!

Dr. Roberta: Well go ahead, ask me your most direct question!

Dr. Joe: I'd like to but I'm shy.

Dr. Roberta: Oh, yes, that was your nick name; Shyguy. I dont think so just want me to answer your question that you are too embarassed to ask me. Go ahead...I dare you.

Dr. JOe: Ok.

Dr. Roberta: Well...go ahead...

Dr. Joe: Roberta; at anytime did you feel that you just couldnt date me for whatever reason?

Dr. Roberta: You mean my feminism? My radical feminist stance and my new woman studies program?

Dr. Joe: You could say that.

Dr. Roberta: Well, Joe, it begin like this; I kept getting dumped on by every guy I ever dated. It was a case that every guy had a political agenda and I was just standing in the way of his ultimate progress and standing in the commmunity.

Dr. Joe: You're not takin' me are you babe, I mean Roberta.

Dr. Roberta: No, it wasnt you Joe. It was your "kind". Men. Men of all kinds have the same misogonist leanings. Men cannot help it, it is bred into them like making spit balls or blowing up frogs!

Dr. Joe: There are so effeminate men too.

Dr. Roberta: I am not talking the effeminate variety Joe and you know it. Why change the topic?

Dr. Joe: I'll stay on course if you will Roberta!

Dr. Roberta: I'll try too, Joe, honesty!

Dr. Joe: That's my goil, I mean girl, I mean, oh, you know what I mean Roberta.

Dr. Roberta: I think if you look at most women who really want to love a man, yet very often, the man has other agenda ideas. The man is looking for a trophy; a window dressing. When he finally has what he thinks it the right "dish" on his plate he then continually scans for more dishes in other restaurants. It really is an endless quest, somewhat akin to the holy grail of north american male. It is treasonous to most women once they realize there time is up and they are now done like dinner.

Dr. Joe: Go on..

A man is..what can I say. A man is looking for a woman to bring him into a higher class bracket. A woman like a fast car or fine bottle of vintage wine is often just a commodity in a man's life; someone he can bank on, but not usually emotionally because (get this) most man have no idea the depth of love.

Dr. Joe: Whoa! Hold on for a minute Roberta!

Dr. Roberta: Hear me through Joe; a woman of ways and means is just the chattle the man has hoped all his boyhood. She presents to him one thing; a physically perfected form of idolatry; the body politic. It is the need for men to climb that ladder, and often they are never satisfied even when they have reached that place on the ladder which says "last floor penthouse". Well, not meaning "penthouse" but it might as well be. Men, to put it mildly have no concern for the emotional well being of women. Never have. Never will.

Dr. Joe: Those are some pretty serious allegations Roberta can you back them up?

Dr. Roberta: Our studies have proven time and time again the fact that men marry not for love but for position; for financial gain. This is a well-known fact. The term "financee" for example is a historic word which really transfers a woman's money from one male purse (or bag) to another (bagman). The sad part is, most women never realize they are being used for pure chattel reasons, that they are not getting married per se but actually taking on the role of endentured servant to the male bastion of power sway.

Dr. Joe: Oh, heavy, I never knew this.

Dr. Roberta: It is true, Joe. For this purpose I have started an awareness group called ETOWE. Ethical Treatment of Women Everywhere. If you examine the facts, women today, although they do appear to "have it all" they are actually, politically a very powerful unfufilled lobby group of "have nots". Even with today's 50/50 divorce laws, the fact is, women are not making adequate progress in terms of actually possessing substantial power base. Women have been, and are for the most part, merely puppets of the male power fountainhead.

Dr. Joe: Good movie; Ayn Rands The Fountainhead.

Dr. Roberta: That's a perfect example Joe of how women were and still are view men as these competent, take-the-reins, type of ancient greece gods. Men, are worshipped from afar by women who are too afraid to stand up and be counted in the political arena. Politics being a "Men Only" game. Even though there are a couple of "token" women politicians. The fact is, women politicians are an anomaly, as rare as hen's teeth, but sharper than most brass tacks of the brass rail men keep leaning against.

Dr. Joe: This is shocking! I guess you have read a lot of feminist literature.

Dr. Roberta: Yes, Joe, for the most part, although there are a lot more writers out there than Betty Friedan or the like. There is a new breed today that are well aware of the post Montreal Massacre and Burkha'd women being subjegated to this enormously vast degree. Women are terrorized into playing the subservant roles. Men are promoting the subservant woman, and the advertisement, etc is full of this anti women's rights agenda.

Dr. Joe: Indeed shocking, go on...

Dr. Roberta: Take yourself for example Joe. You seem like a nice loving guy, a good father, a wonderful husband.

Dr. Joe: Well, I havent ask my goil to marry me.

Dr. Roberta: Why not Joe.

Dr. Joe: Well, I haven't found the right goil yet, yeah see.

Dr. Roberta: Well you are probably thinking, a better girl (goil) will come along, I will wait, I can wait. I dont have to have kids til I am 40...there's no biologic clock for me.

Dr. Joe: Wel, no actually, I wanted to marry Betty but she didnt want to marry. She is sort of a woman's libber herself.

Dr. Roberta: I commend her for that. But whether or not you marry or have children or not, there is always the unfair advantage of the man making the moves. Your girlfriend may really love you, but you never told her because you dont have the same capacity to love as she are lacking in the ability to feel love. They feel something, but it is not real love. Not like women experience, it is much different. There have been many test of maternal love and it goes into a much deeper love which men are totally incapable of feeling.

Dr. Joe: Even the effeminant male?

Dr. Roberta: I'm afraid so, but there may be exceptions, there always are these anomalies.

Dr. Joe: Wow, how can I start to feel the love that women feel?

Dr. Roberta: Grow mammary glands Joe.

Dr. Joe: That's it?

Dr. Roberta: And a woman's brain, with all the wiring. It is a case of maternal instinct. A woman will but herself in harms way, biologically (men dont do this) for their children. Men do at times self-sacrifice, but it is not biologically based. For women, this nature of self-sacrifice for their children is genetically rooted.

Dr. Joe: Wow, that's incredible, I didnt realize this.

Dr. Roberta: Yes, this is true Joe. Women just have so much more love to give which men dont "get" or will ever understand on any level whatsoever. This is a fact.

Dr. Joe: You mean I can't go to some boot camp for men to teach me how to be more loving and empathetic?

Dr. Roberta: To some degree Joe, but only to some degree, and that degree is only ever going to reach 50 percent of the capacity of woman's empathetic homornally based loving being.

Dr. Joe: This is indeed shocking but we have run out of time. Can we discuss this issue another time, hopefully we'll get into much more detail how guys can become more realistically loving to their dates and mates.

Dr. Roberta: I'd really like that Joe. Thanks for the interview, maybe we can discuss more on this topic in the New Year 2010!!!

Dr. Joe: Yes, Roberta, and Happy New Year 2010...hope you find some guy that can relate.

Dr. Roberta: Whatever you say Joe! Goodnight! and Hapy New Year everyone!!!

Dr. Joe: This has been the Dr. Joe Schmoe from the Jersey clinic. Hope you enjoyed the show.

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