Sunday, December 20, 2009

Conditions Ruby Red Beulah Bankheads

Col arises
When your the only one left
hold onto the bag that bug bear
of the much too naive volunteer
Giv'n at birth
to the salty brine of men
To the masters of the Universe

The seal of the cabin
Sealed your fate
The flukes on you
as the flak partied on
as we gleeflully felt
the fleeting of the ships
Awake! Awake!

who cut off
your knows (nose knows)
despite your face (fate)
(you know too much)
man meet fate

As matters on
got you by the bb balls
Command you listen/learn
As purveyors
As surveyors
Survivors all
Authoritarian Ragtime
Authoritons Road rage
Rages on

Say who?
Lives or dies?
what matter this?
tsh tsh
who's head
who's dish

who graduates
suma cum laude
who dies
the wrecking ball
plays havoc with all

who takes up with whom
who has pow'rs giv'n
septre's sway?
who's swaggartly tells
this tale of doom

A position held
tighter than glue
or ceiling wax
Wizards devlved into unknown places
found the only known positron around
after much competition
splashdown egression
collapse of
who bought that?
we all did now
but shouldnt it read
whoever broke it, bought it?

who's now
left to debate
the fate of the greats
the long lost seal
a barking dog uninformed
in uniform
This mantee by the mantle
getting heavier by the hour
tha damn bell tolls for thee not me
as i'm on a diet
didnt notice
he was the only one
elephant in the room
who noticed
seeing elephants a good thing then
gonna be a good thing then
finding those missing hen's teeth
under the carport

Could this world collapse
the beginning of a beautiful friendship
aboard the Titanic
power bundles of great joy
for all men
up north
bitter cold
throw me
some heat
or a bone
for my dog
who is dying from too many
already thrown his way
anchors aweigh
take some
heat now
and sheds some light later
of the night in question
powers that be hear
and stay
on bended knee
to say
I'd like to see you again
until then
remember we two
a team that resembles
double double
do this in membor of me or
the event will keep repeating
that self glory
is no recommendation
we're in it for chicken feed
you like tai or take out
tie one and only one
times on the wall
its going to be hell
but doesnt that just
beat all
calculations all askew
didnt i tell you
it was suppose to be the writing there
who scrubbed off the graffiti
by the petty officer

a long cold night til day
that cold a day
could never have planned
it took a shepherds crook
to find the sheep
when lost in a heap
of unfiled missing
who open this file
opened the seal
we were all awaiting
for our destiny
the roadmap to victory
underneath the street

jj 20 12 09

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