Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nights In Microwaveable Sateen

Ears abuzz as the first tower
seeds its energy core
to send right over my house
messages of the microwaveable kind
say goodbye to my brain
i've been made into squash
oozo without the boozo
to quell the constantly constraining
draining drone of electronic omhs
without the "g" of hey I'm ok
this is "great"
or this is "good"
just me against the machine

As the tower
knocks me to my knees
the incessant snake
invades places
you'd never guess
panty raids were tamer
this really is privacy gone mad
once the electronic EMP invasion
who knew angels harps could cause
the old belfry
to crack so

these incessant warrior microwaves
fill my head whilst in bed
dreaded dead knots
my head twists around the sound
S-T-O-P!!! S-T-O-P!!! S-T-O-P!!!
I'm the Microwave Traffic Cop!!!

Sailor's rage
at the sound of the harpys
clammy clamatous sounds on the zither
by Zithar
maybe Mylar?
Who'd ever invent a headache waiting to happen
maybe I should send the tower
a bill for my migraine remedy
befitting for such a lofty zealot

On The Air Tonight
a zillion nanobot radioactive microwaves
which are small little enemies
waiting to spin what was once my own cell
into a living autospin of something
i forgot which
now i must forgoe
as i cant remember much
thanks to the spin
i have tripped out!

These nanobot microwaves
creep into my space
leaving me like a salad spinner
spun out and congealed
like a brain salad machete
i feel like liquid plant extract
ready to rip me open
machete meat cleavers
(opposite of june cleaver)
cause now i am ripe
ripe for the picking
by the scythe drawn reaper
dont fear the reaper
just the damn neuvo high tech that
got me in this mess
(and my dog is dying)
draws me like butter
(i like buttercups)
across the page of my life
to say...whoa...what happened to my concept of solidity
when i have liquified and separated into serum
in a cyclotronic one-eyed plasma maker
Microwave-o-tron-matic...who answers you? eh?
how many more high speed settings
will finally do me in?
who can begin to tell me
go ahead...
i'm screwed!

jj 16 12 09

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