Wednesday, December 16, 2009

B Night at the Mikesbury: Baby Dont Bicker No Mo

Bickering Vibe Diatribe on Group makes me heave - Get thee gone devil (debil) of discontent and all hooved malcontents

How much time is wasted?
On he trivial, mundane and untasted?
When will we say...enough is enough
All the while our talented and affluent
Are goin' down the drain as effluent
Where do we find the balls to say
"I've had too much crap, eh Sal?"
What will it take to convince you all
That All The Bickering In The World
Will Never Do?
Why don't you end it now? Please!
Regain your claim of Reason's Crown
Here is an old adage to reclaim royalty
(and save face from the start)

by Ye old English anonymous the hippopotamus

"Don't grumble or grouse
All over the house
Or treat your missuses by yawning

You'll find it worth your while
To give her a smile
When getting up in the morning"

Hope this hopes you...ho ho ho Merry Christmas!!!

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