Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Conditional Uncondtioned Love of West Lovelorn

There's a conflict of interest
which is interesting
in a way
arising from
the cold cold ground
like mists envelope all around
where even ghosts fear to tread
As one is left two are taken
like sick dogs dying in the streets
from pestilence or pesticide
both are pests that test metal
of some rarified fait accomplete
where 6 grads take the cure
who's to argue
when love stops tomorrow
by writing on the walls of today
if you notice
you're giv'en the parker pen award
Oh boy a new pen!

Love's nuturing nature
makes the impossible just semi-probable
stay the course
stay focused
when's there seems to be no cure to what ails
when the medicine cabinet has nothing
only stuffed with old dollar bills
who cares about me
your c.o.i. is your agenda playing card (apc)
doesnt mean much
let me work on this
your c.o.i. was me
finding you
didnt give a hoot
not smart for an owl
who i thought knew how to fly

who cares about us faceless
the facelessness of masses
of congealed plasma
concealed from view
our personalities were removed
as clean as slate
to be modelled into
new clay
new mold
forget the old
in with the new
all the past was a mistake
and should be buried
to cover any mistake
too bad my feet were still sticking out!

and these masses of faceless ambassadors
no befrocked
and mocked
now bedridden
and now
avoid at all costs
dont forget to shove
a couple more bills
behind the medicine cabinet

conflict of interest = there is no cure
for the patient
only bills!

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