Friday, May 1, 2009

Provisions for Betty Crocker: Real or Not?another bruce hamilton rehurl

Dear Bruce: Correct as usual Sir Bruce! There is no "such

animal" as Betty Crocker(article MSN I believe this past

week). Like jingles and kris kringle a totally fabricated

advertising trompe l'oeil mascot; a vr composite. We want

Betty to be real. She represents motherhood.
Have you noticed that Betty is getting more butch lately?

After having gone through the numerous wars and the

feminist camp, and yet she still maintains her feminine

"mystique". She reminds me of home ec neighbour I had in

the 70's or Martha Stewart. I'd rather see a REAL person as

Betty. We want to BELIEVE. People want a back-to-earth

mother-goddess to make ambrosia cakes and heavenly oatmeal

cookies. NOt melamine induced stick in your bowels over

refined sugar and artificial ingredients. We need this. We

want this. We will get this...then Betty can bake the best

oatmeal cookies, ever!jajo, "Bruce Hamilton"

> Dearest **J**:
> I've gathered that no 'such animal' as Betty Crocker ever

quite existed. Thanks once more for sending over some

lovely apparent lauding >> by the way of ways! Thank you

> Signed, bruce hh (who might wonder whether "simple as

pie" somehow gave way to "Piece of Cake")

Dear Bruce: To provide us all with such wit is a thing

of great joy and manifests muchly. Love your puns and all

other devices of the mechanae del arte kind. This poem is

aprocryphic; you know how one hankers thusly. By the by;

who is Hankers? I keep thinking Betty Crocker is extra

moist! Please Sir Bruce, I want more (of your refined

poetry). Thank-you very much! :)--- In, "Bruce Hamilton"

> > >
> > > Provisions include lovely food
> > > that satisfies how any mood
> > > apparently hankers
> > > to hoist all the anchors
> > > implicit when life is renewed.
> > >
> > > You seem consumed by rations. -- bh


  1. Shake, Fake & Bake

    Betty Crocker
    & the Shakespeare Authorship

    "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." Don Quixote 1605

    Is Betty Crocker a real person or not? Not. She was made up by a Minneapolis baking company in 1921. When customers wrote and asked for help, they were sent letters signed "Betty Crocker." She wasn't real. The idea was to make customers feel they were getting friendly service. A few years later, she even got her own radio show. Actresses just pretended to be her. In 1976 the company made the first picture of Betty Crocker by blending the faces of lots of women at the company.Since then the picture's been changed several times. Funny, even though her name's been on cookbooks and baking products for many years, she never looks any older. But people believed she was real.

    The portrait of "Shakespeare" allegedly drawn by Martin Droeshout prefixed to the Shakespeare Folio in 1623 is the only one passed down from posterity. Critics point out that Droeshout was born in 1601, about ten when the man from Stratford retired and fifteen when Shaksper died in Stratford (1616). There are numerous problems with this portrait such as the wearing of a collar that was unfamiliar to his age, there is no neck, the body is a tailor's dummy,and there is an unecessary double line seen on the right side of the face indicating a mask. The drawing was most likely not done from life making the portrait a deliberate fake. But people believe it is real. That the name "William Shakespeare" appears on the 1623 Folio makes as much sense that he's the author as "Betty Crocker" is the maker of a box of cake mix. Shake, Fake and Bake.


  2. trying to find the MSN article..having some trouble with the search provisional above article links betty with will shakespeare in a Clash of the Titans...SYNCRONICITY...MAN THIS IS GETTING WIERDER...

  3. I am getting thee (me) to a nunnery soon, because I am now on the quest..."Will the real Will Shakespeare please stand up"...really, what did he REALLY look like (who cares?)...I DO! I believe Sir Walter Raliegh painted the Bard some years ago, along with the Blue Boy and Pink Girl permanently hanging in my Aunties and Uncles home in Oakridge Acres London Ontario!!

  4. Q: Who was Betty Crocker?

    A: One of the best-known women of the interwar years—Betty Crocker—never existed.

    The Washburn Crosby Company of Minneapolis, one of the six big milling companies that merged into General Mills in 1928, received thousands of requests each year in the late 1910s and early 1920s for answers to baking questions. In 1921, managers decided that it would be more intimate to sign the responses personally; they combined the last name of a retired company executive, William Crocker, with the first name “Betty,” which was thought of as “warm and friendly.” The signature came from a secretary, who won a contest among female employees. (The same signature still appears on Betty Crocker products.)

    In 1924, Betty Crocker acquired a voice with the radio debut of the nation’s first cooking show, which featured thirteen different actresses working from radio stations across the country. Later it became a national broadcast, The Betty Crocker School of the Air, which ran for twenty-four years.

    Finally, in 1936 Betty Crocker got a face. Artist Neysa McMein brought together all the women in the company’s Home Service Department and “blended their features into an official likeness.” The widely circulated portrait reinforced the popular belief that Betty Crocker was a real woman. One public opinion poll rated her as the second most famous woman in America after Eleanor Roosevelt.

    Over the next seventy-five years, her face has changed seven times: she became younger in 1955; she became a “professional” woman in 1980; and in 1996 she became multicultural, acquiring a slightly darker and more “ethnic” look.

    P.S. Sara Lee is a real person!

    Sources; Charles Panati, Panati’s Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things (1989); Milton Moskowitz, Robert Levering, and Michael Katz, Everybody’s Business: A Field Guide to the 400 Leading Companies in America (1990); Tulsa World, March 27, 1996.

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  5. I am going to check out Sara Lee...she is REAL...REALLY?