Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Poem To Billy Mumy My Touchstone I cant Touch anymore

Dear Billy Mumy:

You dont know me
but you left me
lost in space
to find
the space between
the lines
that left you in me
on separate horizons

you over there
me over here
werent we always
suppose to be
in efigy anyway
the photograph
you claim made you cry

was that the one with the hotdog?
anyway i cried too
remembering you
i sensed you knew me
even though you were
really only on tv

but in reality
you could be
my dream date
i love redheads
and your flaming redhair
turned on
my fire of desire
how does red do that

anyway billy
i really really miss you
but you
will always be
lost in space
without me
to return loop
maybe some day
if i'm not dead by then

in the meantime
have a good life
a good time
be kind to your wife
your kids
and please try to remember
my crime
was loving you
too much
for this
i have to say
i truly sorry
i loved you
when you were
spaced out
and didnt know what you wanted
but maybe you did
i just didnt see it that way
you had a predestination nation
waiting for you
you had plans
i was just a nancy girl
sent in to babysit your mod moods by the lavalight
your teenage standby
your sweet love that i thought was true
i found out billy
you fooled on me
but i realize that now (too late)
that's what all guys do
so whats a gal to do
when a cheat bf
tries to win back
a lying heart
play poker?
i'm still
lost in your spaces
between the pages
i wish i could rewrite that book
which was made before i was born
that said you'd be too horney
for all chicks everywhere
and bridget bardeau
(oh yeah, that's going to be so easy to do)
i cant compete with you or definitely not her
so you exited stage right
watch those dolphins on stage left!
but really billy Moome
i thought you were a cow
you acted like one
be a man
take me back
to the beginning
and start again
this time screwed up for me
big time
no rewinds
no replays
we'll just have to say
its ok
that's life
a kick in the bucket
i got use to that
a kick the can
way of life
i dont want
i wanted something more in the way of my fantasy which you never enquired what i wanted it was fairly easy you see it was you billy touchstone with out the encumberances and rememberances of others tattoo on my brain
wanted to set my own pattern
my own tea service
my own life
without some other designer
messing with it and screwing it up
but that was not to be billy Moome
i still love you horribly


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