Monday, May 18, 2009

One Flesh

One Flesh
My better half
No reservations
like it Like it is
Better than fantasy
the world I couldnt
find you
have known
so well

wholly and completely
in our incompleteness
more than pretending
frail and bitter
nothing works
means it can only get better
only one way to go
and that's up

even though
winters don't wear well
you have more
to look forward to
having gone through hell

you've been there
realized full potential
the body couldnt give
you more than you'll get
veils lifted never steal
or lie

we've overcome
chronic last place
all those who say
it wont last long
last shall be first
first shall be last
isnt that a blast?

when in the beginning
or in the end
we got it
looking at clouds
both sides now
remember to return to sender
that hour remembered
the Creator Remaker
and Dreaded Raker
having been won
when love lost
the game

As you make more of life
than you were sadly given
close to overflow
lift up the latch
let it go

the soul knows
the deep wells
the briny salty swells
rebirthing room day
dawn awaits patience

our time to come
today never
yesterday maybe
tomorrow forever here
in our heart
hopefully awaiting
any change of events

as we gathered
so many tattered
who couldnt make a fresh start
to continue to begin the beguine
in the end matters more
so maybe the end will be better
than the beginning if you care
to stick around and find out

well i'll be here
you will be there
if not here
if not there
if nowhere
two negatives
always become a positive
once more
you got to hold out

then the soul cnn hold
those out of sorts
those many strikes
and recoup our loses
you who knew
bucketloads of pain
love would begin
to grow and learn
all over again

so you seem and appear to be
intelligent and gifted
to a fault
don't forget to
hide the gift; yourself
in your sneakers
to hang ten
not to sit on the shelf

worn out by the real world
that goes around so fast
in your waking a field of real live
awakened to the day
the dawm doesnt damn souls
you do

etched by truth
me in your skin
cast to the wind
you are whole now
cant be all bad
cant say it is
you're wearing
my skin

where'd ya get
that brand new suit
looks like mine
dont give it back

isnt life sweet
when we can merge
when can we surf and serge
those incoming waves
are high today
drunk on love's wine we've saved
for this wet and rainy day

sailing assuredly into
this one
homegeneous mass
genius of a blob
an amoebiod humanity
is that what
merges us together
mitosis makes us whole

Love Amoeba Style
we conjoin
to make
a creational activity

acmepinescum too
this ancient language
of oaks and alders
at my age
relearning now

coming by the bay
by and by the way
a new mode of travel
hoping to unravel
old ways slow and deliberate

plottingly advances
paving the way
space a big parking lot
the man on the moon
a kid really
even all this here
is new to the sun

with hurried worry
and slipslop paint
we sped up the world
to keep ahead of time
and fate

waiting ever patiently
for the ancient mariner's return
welsh rarebits languidly hop
fattened up
fed well
and wed to the finest
creme filled bunny
not that rarewyn
learning ancient languages
that speak secrets in my ear
rabbits silent words
bing in my ear

Lets go
All Win
your name says it all
loose the strings
on starboard side
to the wynds
set sail
through plotted
space in time
it is your dime
make the call
50 cents now

sooner than then
later than latter
my heart skipped
a beat
hurried the quickening
bends and dents
in the face of time
moon I hardly knew yea
yet your knew me
there over and over again
in my ancient dreams
telling me stories
we've been here before
offset for sure
but here or out there
in the energy field

these ancient energies unknown
but by you moon
the light by which we read
our place on the earth
and pinpoints of light
over and under and surround
our heads
lie down tonight and be certain
you are guided by points of light
in an endless sea
mare tranquillus
return us
to moon us
once more

moon who knew how
you know why
you're gray
hollow and older
than my shallow earth
is there any other colour
besides dull gray
are nebulas more colourful
way out there?

who knew this lovely
placid place
warred before
with flying machines
transgressing space
playing with time
zipping in and out
the sky's like a zipper
maybe you'd think it strange
if I called it the big dipper

true to time this solid piece
the illusion of ending
when really we're beginning to find
the sourcing core
is in the middle of it all

pastures of pastors
mannerly moors
uniformed forces
finding all kind
those whose
unfounded worries
fretting for nothing
at all

time to rewind
unwind the bandaged wounds
that bind us to thoughts
we're running out of time
the season to
gather heaps of knowledge
and yearn for leaps in that
of old things new
and back again

opening up the windows
let in cold fresh air
all around we're renewed
old skin in new wineskins

our hearts new what to do
when heard through the fog
sounds of old barking dogs
basketcase howling hounds
looney tunes worshipping
the moon

names change slightly
by magic means just the same

to me you're always
never too far from here
if I really need to hold you tight
not because I fear
not because I need
not because I want
but because you know not
how much it means to me
communications disconnect
a sign of the times

for suddenly there to here
means nothing
in a Universe full of itself

how did you do that
find your heart in mine
as I look into your eyes
I see me looking back at you
mirror reflection
i feel all you do
is this what heaven is like
when we become one
with the universe?

as all around myspace
becomes huge and small
right where you are
perceiving something is opening
and I coming in

open up to make
wide berth
your name star affixed
like sugar to my lips
the universe looks like it can
accomodate at least
my wide giving hips

a place
in heaven
here on earth
the bridge abridged
miraculously found
in the stars

a miracle
in this all or nothing
a sign
i would find you
when i least expected
so to do

without even looking
our souls melted and meshed
we looked up and found
a new bubble
a new improved hubble
and a small baby infant

Miracles are as regular there
as life is here
you look at your hands
the Creator is right there
making things happen
whatever you say
whatever you do
whatever you make
is all up to you
when you become one
with the Universe
one day

from the ancient lands
hollow woodwinds sound

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