Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Inspiration from Ray Bradbury: Short story a Week #3

"Oh my god, I think I have writer's block today?" a frustrated middle-aged wife bemoans her husband "Come on, think of an idea for me, a topic of interest to write about; I'm dry as a bone!". From the distant back bedroom a peep of a voice said "Why don't you write about fishing?". "Are you kidding" the wife vehemently retorted? "What can you write about fishing? I am trying to stay on mystical themes and romance. How romantic can spearing a fish's face be? the wife felt let down. "Hey, wait a minute...maybe I can write about...Galatic Fish?"...Husband from other room "Is that like the fish the Hebrews eat; Gefeltefish?" "NOt sure, hon, I can't find chopped liver to find out, anyway, it is really a matter of finding that 'hook of the day', something to draw my interest as it, no doubt, will draw the reading public". The wife was beginning to get an inclining of an idea. "Why do you think I should write about fish?" "I dont know, about species and evolution, or something like that." the who-could-care-less voice of the distracted hub lazily contributed. "Fantastic, dear! You have made my day! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you; how's that for gratitute!" "Well what's that for?" hubby questioned? "I'm just glad for your ideas; I am definitely going to use them today" the wife smiled happily to herself. The husband was working on finding a carpenter to help him with stairway handles and was preoccupied. Today the wife had thought up the answer to the question the universe posed; were we ever a one celled amoeboid universe. Between the banal and the essential, the bannister and The Riddle of The Universe, the wife and husband had to deal with on a daily basis. The spectre of the spectral analysis of all things banal and all things essential would be overlapping, interplaying, subsurface and above surface, hidden and blantantly there, all things were interwoven. All things were one. The universe was an amoeba! Or one big fish with one cell, anyway thought the harried housewife.

"Oh no!" I can't believe it! I just took a personality test on Facebook, and it said I have Einstein's brain!""Can't you stay off that computer for one day" the hub from the back annex yelled. "Oh come one dear, it's all I got! You dont take me out to movies, or dancing, or socializing. If I dont have this, then I will certainly have to find a computer else where. "Oh really?" the hub was starting to see the wife's point of view. "Well you have it better than most, you know". "Ya, ya, I know, I have a roof over my head and food on the table, but isn't there more to life than this? You think there should be!". "Well if you decide to leave me, remember, I take the dog." The wife: "You wouldn't do that"

After the one of many little tiffs of frustrating rattle continued during the day, the wife would seem to go her own way into her career as a writer-in-residence on the Bay. Well not right on the bay, a street or two back from the water and a lot less expensive, but still as fresh, with the invigorating great lake breezes blowing into the windows newly opened to let in the spring air. "Ahhh, what a relief, I can sit down and escape for awhile. Looks like this year I won't get a vacation either. Nobody cares about you when you care for others. There should be a Caregivers Union or something. Guess that's never going to happen unless I start some kind of Yahoo Group or something." the wife discussed with herself and her conscience. "If I don't do it, who will. Somebody needs to empower the disenfrancished, the non-person or so it seems. All I do is take of others for over thirty years, and nobody, nobody, gives me a cent for this. If it were men being the caregivers of the world you just know that they would have all kinds of rights and freedoms and money freely given to them. Men make it happen by putting down the plight of the bubble bee babes. I mean women just buzz all the time and it has taken so long for woman's rights to become entrenched. Who can I network with to give more rights and freedoms and a powerbase to those displaced by lack? How can we turn it around? How is my writing about a fishing show going to help bring back rights to the people?" The brain decided to take a coffee break, this time without the caffeine that caused last weeks tachycardia incident. "Ahhh" the women let out a big sigh. Today would see her dreams for herself and others like her to complete the first part of the fishing for power and establish a nascent cause. "Causes are so hip today, I'm glad I clicked onto this idea and ran with it, guess that's what all this time on the computer has been all about". "HOney, what's for lunch" from the backroom the peanut gallery was getting hungry. "I'll be a minute, just about done here, give it a minute or two, or dear?" the wife subdued the husband's Grizzly Adams stomach. "Just a minute..."

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