Sunday, May 31, 2009

Song: You're Not Here Where I Lay

Trying hard to find you

Wherever you may be

In the middle of nowhere

Wishing you'd be here with me

When you dont feel me near you

Then I don't think you ever loved me

I'll leave in the morning this bannshee

remembering to close that hard cruel door

trying to watch it doesn't catch my sad heart

as it slams loudly on the way out now I'm sad and sore

all those long lost photographic memories when were apart

how could i have lost our song "That's What Friends Are For?"

Trying so hard to find you

Whenever you go out to find me

thought for sure I'd find you too

Where you are there I should be

Love has no long distance rings

changes nothing to free lost feelings for thee

when heart stays true it happily sings

you then know you're at home thats where you'd be

dancing and singing and waiting for the next new beat

so answer you're phone, I'm so far from home

love floats in the great big ocean and the mighty sea

Trying to forget you

this i just couldnt do

you never really knew me

Trying to heal and be free

loneliness has returned this May

I am not the same as yesterday

and you're not here where I lay

I can no longer try to guess

how did I get into this mess

hoping you'd come home to stay.


1 comment:

  1. sometimes i feel the song, and I just go. I tried to sing and write at the same time, and remember the notes, (which I have my own musical notation system). It is not easy to remember how the song goes today, but the feeling is still there, so I guess I'd make up a similar themed and lyrics by Jane Jones