Monday, May 18, 2009

Billy Mumy's Return or Lon Chaney Reruns: For Touchstone

Rebuttal to Billy Mumy aka Touchstone

Woke up again far too early
wondering where you are
my forever star
lost in life's shuffle

what you've been doing
who you're seeing
where you been laying
so soundly so

after the bliss
my blistered soul
wishes you
always be with me

how've you been in my heart
these many lonely long years
now I use to be your only star
that was then this is now

stars only live so long
soon forgotten
so many tears and
so many stale beers

without you here
where you belong
endless tears
learned hopelessness
yearning for prince's
swift return my love

never to happen
lifes' love unreturned
nonstop stop never to quit

this unresolved destitution
a life of soul prostitution
love chose not to live but to die
not to be
but to continue unrelenting
this nagging doubt
love continues
in all its soap opera misery

just popped in to say hi today
and finally say i'm truly sorry
it wasnt you, it was me
trying too hard to be
something else for you
you see
to keep you mind
where you be
for me
love redesigned
would reassigned
would bring you back
to me
in my dreams

oh i did, did do and did so
screwed up my fido dido ditto life
falling over myself winds bitter ghusts
tripping the over the blue light
if you could read my mind love
what a tale SOCAN will tell

for you my prepetual flame
not to blame you
no not
no not
no never again

forever this amber
this eternal love
passion fire
pan's blush,
flashed dusty blushish heatflush
midlife return
photo album memories
connections to the past
those dont go away
my heart keeps a special place
a diary too
a snapshot tattoo
of those times
me and you

not being with you
for all my life
dealt me an unfair blow
fate in the cards
this lousey hand
I dealt myself
nothing to do
with you
a secret wish
one day
you'd know how I felt too

after you were lost to me
I'd look around all over town
where'd he go
what did I do

life never was complete for me
or felt like I did when with you
all sparkly shiny brand new
who'd ever know this would be
who'd ever know
through so many years
of sad tears and drafty beers
you'd mean so much to me?

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